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More to Being Healthy One way in which I may or may not differ from other dieters out there is that I’m of a mind that there’s more to being healthy than just being skinny. You can be thin and svelte or skinny and scrawny, but that doesn’t mean you’re any healthier than the woman […]



Sweet Tooth and Picky Eater So one of the big problems I’m going to have on this diet is food. See, I’ve got a sweet tooth, and I’ve been a VERY picky eater, my whole life. And most of the foods I’ve been patting myself on the back about liking – corn, potatoes, peas, carrots […]

Shame About Being Fat The answer’s at least partially obvious. Shame. I’m ashamed that I let myself get this far gone. I’m ashamed that I’ve tried dieting before and failed. I don’t want to tell people that I’m dieting because then I feel that my success or failure is judged by them. I feel like […]

Youth I was a tiny baby, although not a frail one. My nickname was “Spider” because, as it was described to me, I was nothing but arms and legs. I grew up out in the country with my older brother, and spent pretty much my entire youth running wild through cow fields and forests. Growing […]

It may seem more than a little odd that directly after telling you the whole point of this blog is to keep my identity a secret, I start out with a post on my identity. What’s funny is that though you will never know my name, you will probably know more about me than most […]