Dieting What?


Dieting Ninja.

No, I am not a licensed practitioner of any martial art, nor am I going to be dieting via kickboxing or something like that.

I say “ninja” because it’s a secret.

Some of you might debate the secrecy of something I’m writing a blog on. I’m not keeping the details of my diet or how I feel a secret.

I’m keeping my identity a secret.

I don’t want people to know that I’m dieting. If people know that some random woman living in the United States is dieting, well, that’s fine.

I just don’t want them to know it’s me.

I’ll get around to the exact whys and werefores later, but the first reaction I expect most people to have when they visit this blog is a quirked eyebrow, a head cocked just a smidge to one side, and a half-laughing “Dieting what? Ninja?”

The Dieting Ninja, that’s me.

I’m officially declaring war on my waistline. I will be silent and swift. I will attack with no remorse and no pity.

I am the Carb Shinobi, the Weight Warrior, the Vegetable Samurai.

I AM the Dieting Ninja.


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