More to Being Healthy
One way in which I may or may not differ from other dieters out there is that I’m of a mind that there’s more to being healthy than just being skinny.

You can be thin and svelte or skinny and scrawny, but that doesn’t mean you’re any healthier than the woman trying to hide her bulk behind a caftan.

I want to lose weight, but not at the expense of my general health. I’m going on this diet to GET HEALTHY, which necessarily entails losing some weight.

I don’t know if this is the proper term for it, but it’s as good as any.

Not many people would disagree that we eat a lot of crap these days, as a species. Is it normal for pastry to sit on a shelf for weeks on end without losing flavor or getting moldy for dry?

It’s a boon for pastry-makers, to not have wasted food, but…seriously? My spider-senses are tingling, and they’re telling me there’s probably some stuff in that pastry that my body doesn’t want, can’t use, and is going to have to filter out.

In my head, I call all the crap that we eat and that our body has to clean out “toxins”.

The Body
Our bodies are amazing things. Really, they are. The amount of punishment they will put up with is just incredible.

But they can’t do everything. We can’t keep shoveling garbage into our mouths and just leave it to the body to sort out. There’s always a breaking point.

Sadly, our bodies too TOO good of a job, and they work too well for too long. By the time we realize there’s anything wrong, it’s often too late to correct easily, and we’ve already become entrenched in our old ways of thinking and eating and behaving.

I can’t prove this, nor do I really want to take the time to do so. Anything I’ve read which has given me this opinion could be falsified – the difference between fact and well-crafted opinion is a very fine line indeed where the internet is concerned.

My biggest “proof” of this isn’t the cancer rate, or Alzheimer’s, or my own ailments (which are on nowhere near that kind of scale). My “proof” is common sense.

It just flat out makes sense to me that all these preservatives and chemicals and unknowns constantly coming into my body are going to cause problems.

So am I going to go on a caveman diet? Hell, no. Not only is that not really viable in today’s world, I don’t personally feel that it’s going to be viable for ME. Me, the person who knows how awesome pecan pie tastes, and loves a soft roll dipped in honey butter.

Nope, the solution isn’t an incredibly restrictive diet, because health or no health, I’d never be able to stick to it.

The solution is restraint.

Our bodies can handle some of this crap, but there’s no reason to eat it by the ton. Where it can be easily avoided, I will do so. Where it cannot be avoided, I will eat it.

The funny thing is, if I pay attention, I’ll notice myself feeling unfulfilled and what my husband calls “puny” after eating some of those “bad” foods.

My Goal
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. My goal is to get HEALTHY, not just thin.

I can get thin on certain TV dinners, on shakes and powerbars and low fat, low calorie, mass-produced junkfood.

But I’m not going to get healthy on them.


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