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Google Calendar


So I use the google suite of products for a lot of different things. Weight-related, I use the Google Calendar. I have three repeating tasks, every day. “Exercise” “Food” “Mood”. I’ve got some repeating ones for medication and BM as well. Regardless of delicate sensibilities, tracking your movements is always a good idea. And remember, […]

Another impending visit from The Mom. She wants to splurge and eat out. Seeing as how it’s really been well over a year (I think it was two Thanksgivings ago) since we all went out to eat somewhere nice, I suppose she’s got a point. The question is…where to go? The Irish restaurant that we […]

So, as far as my weight was concerned, last week didn’t happen. I lost a pound and gained it back. I was much more lax on my diet than I should have been (more fruits, a bit of chocolate, snacking more, having more bread – whole wheat, but still). I also didn’t run nearly as […]

I’ve come to the conclusion that being at home makes my body/brain think I should be eating more. It’s less pronounced in the mornings, especially since I only recently started getting up early enough to HAVE a morning with enough time to eat in. But weekends and at night, it’s a constant willpower battle to […]

Seeing as how eggs are a pretty good part of my new way of eating, omelets are about 75% of my breakfasts (with scrambled eggs making up most of the other 25%). That being said, there’s a trick to omelets. I have no idea if this is the “real” or “best” way to make an […]