The Road to the Diet


Some of you have probably noticed that I’m not actually actively dieting yet.

It’s true, for multiple reasons, which I’ll go into later (and have partially gone into with previous entries).

I reached a milestone yesterday. I drank the last cream soda I had in the fridge.

For me, cream sodas, ESPECIALLY Sprecher Cream Sodas, which are made with real Wisconsin Honey and smell absolutely incredible, are the epitome of the soft drink.

I love them. Most sodas I don’t really crave or want on a regular basis. But these? Oh, man.

Vice City, Population Me.

But last night, I drank the last one in the house.

As I am on the road to a diet, I am not going to buy more of them. I am done with sodas as a regular part of my diet.

Farewell, Sprecher. As much as I love you, I imagine I will be seeing you again someday as a planned splurge, but for now you and I shall part ways.

Although I know I’m going to crave them later, for now it feels good to be making the decision to change my diet, even in such a small way.

It makes me feel powerful, that I can make a decision over something. I am in control, and I will do this on my own terms.


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