Zen Habits Article
One of my favorite blogs, Zen Habits, recently posted an article on why people are overweight and simple things that can be done to take control.

In one way, I disagree. Yes, the society I live in has made it infinitely easier to be fat than to be fit, but it’s still my fault that I’m fat. I don’t blame society, I blame me.


Not because I have some kind of need for self-flagellation, but rather because it’s at least partially true.

I know better, when I load up on cookies and cakes. I KNOW better. I do. Sometimes it feels like I have no control over the situation, but I always have a choice.

It’s not my fault that society makes junk food cheaper than healthy food, and I refuse to feel guilty that my job (which I love) is a sedentary one rather than an active one.

Child vs Adult
But I make a decision what I eat. When I was a child, that was less true – I ate what I was fed. But now that I’m an adult, my decisions are my own.

Regardless of whether years of “training” has taught me that a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream will make the pain go away – I know that’s not true. Me. Intellectually, I have control over my emotional eating, and exactly what food I put into my body – nearly 100% of the time.

It certainly takes more effort to do so. More self-control.

But nothing worth having ever came easy.

Still, even I’ll admit that it’s at least a little comforting to agree that I’ve had plenty of help getting where I am today.

Steps to Take Control
And I truly love the second half of the post – the 8 steps to take control of your weight.

Some of them I’ve already started – drinking water, limiting portion sizes, choosing snacks, exercising daily…there are some I need to get better at, and some I need to truly take the time to implement.

But in the end, it’s not about what diet you take, it’s about what lifestyle you lead. And that’s important to remember.


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