Being Healthy – the Frugal Way


Less Than a Dollar
Another great post from another of my favorite blogs today – Being Frugal. The post is on nine actions that you can take to improve your health for less than a dollar.

I especially like how the suggestions are for mental health as well as physical health. The two are definitely intertwined, and too often people focus only one one while neglecting the other.

Breaks and Meditation
I definitely need to stop and take my breaks at work – too often I just pass them up, but I need to get away from my desk (and furthermore, away from other people and environments that make me feel like I’m working) and just relax.

I’d love to learn how to meditate (properly). Clearing my head isn’t as easy as it should be, which is probably a sign that I have a lot to benefit from learning how to meditate.

Being a somewhat frugal person myself, I always appreciate the fact that there are things that we can do NOW, without spending any or much money, and improve our quality of life.

That’s a very powerful and positive thing.


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