Feel Update


Dear Internet,

I had a Charlie Horse last night. Hurt so bad I saw stars, just like it always does. Man I wish I could make those go away. I’ve been taking daily multivitamins and I’ve started drinking a ton more water than I used to (still not quite to my goal, but I’m getting there). I must not have stretched as much as I thought I did before my walk yesterday.

Aside from that, I’m feeling kinda blarg and ugh lately, and I think it’s because I stopped working out.

Don’t get me wrong. I love staying under the covers and sleeping in. I don’t much like waking up an hour early and going jogging.

However, while I was getting up early and doing a bit of light jogging, I felt much better throughout the day.

The actual exercise was hardly what I’d call “pleasant.” Nor was the early wake-up anything but a huge pita.

But having days where I felt energized and upbeat the whole time, without coffee/sugar highs?

That just might be worth it, Internet. It just might.

Introspectively Yours,
The Dieting Ninja


2 Responses to “Feel Update”

  1. 1 Daily Dieter

    ND: reading your blog with pleasure … another like soul hiding dieting demons. My stats are similar to yours but where you are researching I am more of an experimenter: a few days carb free, weight watchers, fasting, freaking out, slim-fast — you get the general idea.

    Anyway, I’m trying to force myself to exercise daily this summer and there’s an acupressure move that eliminates charley horses. Pinch your top lip high, the skin immediately under the nose and the charley horse releases. Make sure you are hydrated and stretch and you won’t get as many.

    Good luck

  2. 2 ninjadiet

    @Daily Dieter

    Thanks! Always good to know someone out there is listening – keeps me motivated and makes me feel less like I could quit and nobody would notice. *grins*

    So how do you know when a diet isn’t working? A few days of carb-free would probably get you right up to the worst day on the diet!

    Thanks for the suggestion on the Charlie Horse – gonna give that a shot if I’m coherent enough on my next one. =]

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