Recipe Books


Dear Internet,

I find myself at a loss.

I’m trying to find a good recipe book. Something that focuses on healthy food that will help me build a store of good, healthy things to cook without overwhelming me.

The search isn’t going so well.

I found a great book – Almost Vegetarian, by Diana Shaw. Has some really great information at the beginning, and not just the extensive vegetable-choosing bits. Some really great-looking recipes, too.

But…well, it’s pretty daunting. Most all of those recipes require a lot of time spent, and a lot of ingredients I’ve never heard of, let alone cooked with. I don’t think my modest Piggly Wiggly is going to cut it, nor do I want to make the half-hour trip into Big Town to the more expensive grocery store that -might- carry that stuff.

So then I picked up 15-Minute Low-Carb Recipes, by Dana Carpender. MUCH less daunting, but a goodly number of her recipes include a lot of sweets and sweet-replacements. I’ve got a massive sweet tooth, but I also want to kick my sweet/sugar addiction. I can’t do that if I’m always making delicious teriyaki ribs and adding splenda to every other recipe.

However, aside from the large number of “sweet” recipes, the Dana Carpender book really and truly seems like the best book I’m going to find that is healthy, easy to follow, with mostly-normal recipes and is truly a pleasure to read.

What I think I’ll do is go through, mark the recipes I want to try, and make sure I pay attention not just to the carbs (because I haven’t decided to go on a low-carb diet, but it’s a good place to start, I think) but also the calories, fat, and sodium. She uses chicken bouillion crystals for flavoring a lot, and those are mostly salt. Have you ever read those labels? Good grief, it’s enough to make my heart flutter just thinking of it.

I certainly don’t want to trade my fat for a weak heart.

So, here is me, with my not-yet-picked a decisive diet, trying to find a good cookbook to rework my “core” recipes so they’re actually healthy.

Wish me luck!

Overwhelmed-yet-hopefully yours,
The Dieting Ninja


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