Baby Steps


Dear Internet,

At this point, I think it’s important to take a step back and look at the things I’ve already done, pre-diet, to improve my health.

  1. Water. I’m drinking a LOT more water than I was. Pure water. I actually got a urinary tract infection from drinking too much tea, so I’ve slowed down on that method and limit myself to just one or two cups a day. I’ve upped my water intake from almost nothing to at least 4 cups a day. I’m planning on doubling that this weekend – bringing home a measured waterbottle so I can keep track of when I am (and am not) drinking as I should.
  2. Sugars. I’m avoiding them without outright attacking them. Not 100%, but I am putting my foot down. As soon as the candies and sugars in our house are gone, they’re gone for good. I will not replace the Hershey’s kisses I snack on with anything but nuts. I will replace my sodas with more water. I will refuse the offer of donuts and cakes at work (I failed at this one yesterday – I need to realize that my waistline is more important than a minor case of impolitely turning down birthday cake). I’m kicking the sugars out of my life, and they are not welcome back.
  3. Exercise. I’ve started walking at least once a day. That truly is “at least”. I’m trying to get up early in the morning to go jogging, and then will always walk in the afternoons. Most of the time, this is about 15 minutes of activity per walk/jog, but that will get longer as I get into better shape.
  4. Recipes. I’m looking to replace my old “recipes” with new, healthier ones. That’s assuming you can call Rice-a-Roni a recipe. I’m looking for healthy alternatives made from fresh foods.
  5. Food. I’m learning to like foods I previously hated. Tomatoes, onions, melons, cucumbers, lettuce – I feel like a teenager that’s been hanging out with the wrong crowd. I know those old friends aren’t any good for me, but I don’t fit in anywhere else. Well, I’m taking the steps necessary to introduce myself to new foods, and I’m finding we get on a lot better than I expected.
  6. Research. I’m researching various diets and information about Fats, Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Calories. My head’s still spinning, but I am determined to learn what I can. There is a free nutritionist who visits my doctor’s office once a week that I plan on asking for help when the time comes.

The next steps will be more difficult.

Starting next week, I’m cutting coffee out of my diet. I’m still not convinced one way or the other on the caffeine issue, but regardless, I simply do not enjoy coffee without creamer and sugar. And I’m using a non-dairy creamer, which means chemicals and junk, and it’s certainly not helping me kick my sugar habit.

No coffee for a whole week. I’ll log how I feel. If I wasn’t exercising, I would expect to feel pretty cruddy the first four days or so, but with the exercise, I think I’m not even going to notice the lack, except perhaps to have better breath.

The Dieting Ninja


2 Responses to “Baby Steps”

  1. 1 Hilary

    It sounds like you’ve already taken some really healthy steps; I wish you lots of luck with the next phase of your super-stealth ninja diet plan!

  2. 2 ninjadiet


    Thanks! I’m trying to approach this with my eyes open, and I’m curious to see how much I can accomplish just by doing obvious things, rather than trying to count calories and carbs and all that stuff right off the bat. =]

    I still don’t think I’m quite ready for your grueling bike rides though!

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