Sugar Battle!


Dear Internet,

I had a sugar battle this past week. It was very interesting.

Two days in a row, I got mad cravings for sugar. Any kind of sugar, so long as it was sweet. I wasn’t hungry, I wasn’t jonesing for chocolate in particular, I just needed sweet.

It was almost like my body discovered what I’ve been planning, and panicked.

The nice thing was that I’m not actually ON a diet yet. So I just nodded and offered myself some sugar. We’re running out, but I found a poptart and ate that.

While my body was panicking, “Diet! We’re on a diet! She’s depriving us of sugar! Quick, panic, everybody panic!”

I was able to calmly sit back and say, “Nope, not a diet. No panicking. See? Here’s a poptart, that’s sweet, you can have that.”

And it worked. I haven’t had those sweet panic attacks since then. It would have been really tough to weather that if I was already on the diet.

It’s funny, I may go all the way on to my intended diet, start losing weight and being healthier, all without ever putting my brain into “no, you can’t have that” dieting mode.

THAT would be amazing. It’s the panic that ruins so many diets. The petulant, short-fused part of me that equates diet with being unhappy and hungry all the time.

In time, I hope to assuage those panic attacks with “here, have some melon and raspberries” – which I’m already starting to do, slowly, for less grim encounters.

It was definitely interesting to see my body react to the lessening of sugar in such a way, and to be able to react to it without responding in kind. To calmly realize what my body was doing and defuse the panic that usually sinks diets for me.

The Dieting Ninja


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