The Good, The Bad, and the Apple-cheese-bacon Omelet


Dear Internet,

I went jogging this morning again. The hubby didn’t want to wake up, so I went solo. If he decides the whole exercise thing was a fad, I hope I have enough gumption to get up and keep on it by myself.

Given how out of sorts and grumpy I’ve been when I haven’t gone for my regular walks, and how much better I feel after I do them, I think maybe I’ll be able to.

I hope so, because I need it. Warm blankets and snuggling is wonderful, but being healthy is important.

So that’s the good.

The bad is that yesterday I had a coffee drink, with sugar. I need to memorize the library’s hours so I can go there instead of the coffee shop when I need free wireless internet, so I’m not tempted quite so sorely.

The omelet was, as advertised, Apple, Bleu Cheese, Bacon, and egg. Unfortunately, my tastebuds do not agree with the author of the 15-Minute Low-Carb Recipies. I think it tastes rather unpleasant.

I do think I’ll keep trying the Bleu Cheese, with an onion omelet perhaps, instead of apple. And I don’t think I like bacon in my omelet, I don’t like the texture.

Live and learn!

Breakfasting on Leftover Apple,
The Dieting Ninja


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