Diary : Day 1 no coffee


Dear Internet,

Today is day one with no coffee, and amusingly enough, I feel like I really need a cup.

Do I really need a cup? Or do I just think I do because I told myself I couldn’t have any?

I feel like I need it because I’m tired. Achy, a little headachy, and feeling very demotivated to do anything but nap. Yeah, I could really motivate myself for a nap, yes I could.

I got up to run this morning. Getting up wasn’t too difficult, and it was very nice to sit down and eat my tomazzabasil omelet without feeling stressed for time. But even during the run, I felt off.

I think I know why. I was very bad about my water this weekend. It’s my own fault, and I know it’s because I think my tap water tastes really nasty, so I just don’t want to drink it.

But holy cow, I feel really awful today. Avoiding this is worth drinking nasty water. I suppose I could buy gallons of drinking water (cuts down on plastic waste some, over using regular bottles of water) to use on the weekends, and just steal water from work for weekdays.

Ugh ugh. What a horrid day to start avoiding coffee.


Groggily Yours,
The Dieting Ninja


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