New Recipe : Asian Pork and Cabbage


Dear Internet,

Holy cow, why didn’t anyone tell me cabbage was so yummy?

Modified from the one in the 15-Minute cookbook – the Asian Pork and Cabbage recipe.

I couldn’t find Black Bean sauce anywhere, or chili garlic paste. So I substituted chili powder, garlic salt, and a mixed seasoning called “Singapore” that I picked up from Penzey’s Spices a while back.

SO yum!

At this rate, I’m going to have to buy a copy of this book instead of just borrowing it from the library.

1 pound boneless pork loin (I got a 2pounder and just froze the unused half)
1/2 head cabbage (the other half for the other pound of meat!)
1 small onion (I used the red onion, I like the sweet)
Oil for stir-frying (canola or peanut suggested, but I used mild olive)
Spices as wanted (soy, Singapore, garlic, chili)

Slice the pork real thin. This is easiest if the pork is partially frozen. Makes you lose all feeling in your fingers, but very worth it.

Slice your onion really thin

Cut the cabbage. For those who (like me) don’t know how to do that, you cut it in half through the core, then cut the half in half, then trim the trianglular core bit that’s left so it’s gone. Pretend you are a samauri. Chop at the cabbage till you’re satisfied.

Heat up the oil in a VERY BIG skillet – very hot.

When it’s hot (flick a drop of water and watch it sizzle), add the pork. Stir fry VERY well (pork should always be cooked thoroughly).

When the pork is done, add the cabbage and onion. Watch it sizzle. Stir-fry.

When the onion and cabbage are done (still semi-crunchy, so not totally limp, but softer nonetheless) add your spices. Mix and toss. Pretend you’re a witch. Cackle. Look around to make sure nobody saw you.


The only question remaining is how good the leftovers are, because this was AWESOME. My husband called it a bowl of exploded egg roll. Huge hit. Diet or no, this recipe is a total keeper.

Happily Full,
The Dieting Ninja


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