Diary : Day 2 With No Coffee


Dear Internet,

So here I am, sitting at Day 2 with no cravings.

On the off chance that someone truly addicted to coffee comes along, reads this, and then scoffs, I want to clarify. I’m avoiding coffee not because I’m addicted to the caffeine (I have friends who are, and I have seen the pain they go through when they drop sodas and coffee for Lent) but rather because I cannot enjoy coffee without sweeteners. Lots of them. And I’m one of those people that can taste the difference between the “pink packet” and sugar.

Also, I want to evaluate just how addicted I am. My guess is that I’m only very mildly so – I’ve never really gone overboard, and it’s a very rare thing indeed for me to have more than one cup a day.

So yeah. Those of you truly addicted to coffee? You have my sympathy, because I know that I’m not even going to approach the very edges of what you’d go through in the same situation.

Right! So, back to the diary.

I feel great today. I didn’t get up and run – I woke up and my legs were tight and achy all the way from my knees down to my ankles. That’s not from exercise (well, not completely) – that’s from my minor case of Plantar Fasciitis. I’ve been stretching my calves before running and walking every day, but I think I need to alter my running course so I spend less time on pavement. Tomorrow, I’ll go up to the park and run around the baseball diamond, I think. =]

Anyway, I’ve been pretty good about the running lately, I figured a day off wouldn’t hurt nobody, especially since I’ll still be walking in the afternoons with the hubby.

I had a new omelet this morning – it was from the 15-Minute cookbook (again) – Cottage Egg Scramble.  It had cottage cheese, some sauteed green pepper, eggs, and some basil and cheddar. I think I can drop the cheddar and add a few more spices to the egg itself. Maybe replace the basil with the Sandwich Sprinkle, to give it a little more kick. But I do think I liked the cottage cheese in the eggs – made them a bit creamier. I’ll post it’s own entry when I get it to the place where I’m happy with it.

Which leads to another celebration – Green Pepper! That’s right. Me, the girl who has pushed soup aside because it tasted “too green”, just had an omelet that featured green pepper chunks. And I liked it.


At any rate, I’m almost positive I can attribute my “feeling much better today” to the water I drank yesterday. I never would have believed it, but having a water bottle that has a measurement line on the outside is incredibly useful. I no longer “guess” at how much I drink. I know it.

And when I started this water bottle game, I felt good if I drank a whole bottle at work. Now I’m drinking two at work and filling it up again for while I’m at home.

Granted, this makes trips to the bathroom nearly become a religious experience.

But it’s well worth it.

Oh! And yesterday, for dinner, I had mango/chile salmon (the baggie, like tuna) tacos – flour tortilla, lettuce, tomatoes, and the salmon mixed with mayo. The hubby wasn’t much of a fan, but I really liked it. He made himself a meximix – a random concoction using meat and spices and beans and chips.

I honestly don’t know if I’ve lost any weight yet.

I think I have, though not a lot.

Why am I so uncertain? This is gonna sound stupid, but I’d been weighing myself on the carpet. 175. 175. 175.

I move the scale over to the hard bathroom floor, and I get a 165.

They say the camera adds 10 pounds, but I never knew the carpet did as well!!

So I’m not positive how much I’ve lost. I’m guessing between 2 and 5 pounds in two weeks, with mostly just changing my habits with regards to candies/cakes/bagels at work, and trying to eat healthier and smaller portions, exercising regularly (mostly walking, with only recently adding jogging), and drinking boatloads of water.

So that’s awesome! That’s what I want – I want to eat food I enjoy (and I am!) and be healthier without having to adhere to a strict diet and make myself unhappy by doing so.

I cannot WAIT until I get my horse. This is a long-term goal, mind you, and could be anywhere from one to five years before it happens (I’ve volunteered at my local stables, and I quit after getting yelled at for showing up on time. I wouldn’t stable my horse there if it was free). But I really have a problem with exercising just to be exercising. It’s hard to stay motivated to do it. But exercising because I have a horse or dog that I’m playing with, well, that’s not work at all, that’s joy.

Have you ever curried a horse? Holy cow, you want nice looking arms, curry a horse every day for a few months. I had AWESOME arms when I owned my horse in high school.

Enough rambling for now.

Optimistically Yours,
The Dieting Ninja


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