Diary : Day 3 with No Coffee


Dear Internet,

Had a pretty bad headache yesterday. Felt like it was a sinus headache, but the sinus meds didn’t seem to touch it. Irritating and painful, but not debilitating. I don’t -think- it was related to the lack of coffee. Possible it was sympathy-pains for my hubby, who has yet another sinus infection.

/thinks happy thoughts at him.

Aside from that, still doing well. I jogged a bit extra this morning. It’s funny. I felt kinda like a cat when I hit the dew-wet grass. I kept wanting to wrinkle my nose and go somewhere else. I can’t imagine WHY. It’s not like it was sopping wet, but the little sprays of water and the wet blades of grass on my shoe made me cringe.

I can be weird sometimes.

I ignored it and ran a few circles around the jungle gym. Really humid, lots of sweating (quick shower when I got in), and a few VERY irritating noseeums. I dislike bugs.

Had another green pepper omelet this morning, and although it was better, it is definitely still missing something. I think I’ll try some red onions in with it tomorrow. Does anyone have any suggestions? What typically goes well with green peppers?

Having the hubby’s homemade chili for dinners and lunches – add half an onion roll to that and it’s pure heaven, I gotta tell you. NOM!

Turns out the fabulous Cabbage and Pork recipe does not make very good leftovers – the flavor’s still there, but the cabbage goes all limp and soggy. No good. I’ll have to only make as much as we eat, which is about a quarter head of cabbage. I need to find more cabbage recipes so it isn’t wasted.

Still guzzling water at work. I drink a LOT in the mornings, especially after I go jogging. I do need to work on my at home consumption though.

Peeing is still a religious experience, and my movements are more regular as well. (“Movements” What do I think you guys are? Children? Like you can’t handle reading about bodily functions related to dieting). Since I have been known to have issues with hemorrhoids before, this is very very good news. Last year at this time I was worried about whether or not I had colon cancer. Worrying about whether or not I can hold off on the bathroom break another ten minutes before my bladder explodes is infinitely preferable.

Feeling good, sticking to the life changes.

Bought a bar of superdark dark chocolate.

Yeah. 85% is too much for me. I’m not going to go all the way down to Hershey’s Special Dark (which really can barely be called dark chocolate) but I don’t think I’ll go QUITE that high again.

Unless I fall in love with it by the end of the bar.

I did find out that I can’t keep it at work. I get chocolate cravings like mad at work, but I get them more often when I know I’ve got chocolate.

Candy bars, cookies, and truffles are my weakness. I love the rich foods. Nice thing is that truffles, for example, often come in very small packages. After I get my goal weight, I can buy myself truffles as snacks, and I know they’ll last longer than a bag of candy bars will. =]

Also, I found out that I can drink Yogi teas without sweetener! Some of them have Stevia leaf added (a natural sweetener that’s used by diabetics and…other people who worry about both chemicals and sugar intake). Follow the link if you’d like more information or a list.

But their green teas are superb. Just a hint of fruity flavor in them. They have a very subtle and delicious flavor that doesn’t seem to need sweetener, and they have some that target specific ailments.

I have a box of the Women’s Moon-Cycle tea, which oddly enough has a cracked pepper taste to it that works very well. Can’t tell whether it makes me less spastic or not, but I always slow down to enjoy a cup of tea, and it tastes unique and interesting besides. I think the Green Tea Energy is my favorite so far. An asthmatic friend regularly drinks the Breathe Deep tea, and my husband swears by the Regularity tea.

In other notes, making links to things is painfully slow. Bleh.

But yeah. The Yogi teas always taste…fresh. If that makes sense. And you can buy them in grocery stores, though some have much larger selections than others. I still haven’t seen some of them that I’d like to try, like the Chili one. =]

Okay, that’s enough rambling for now. This sure is a less structured approach to blogging, but it’s nice to kind of feel like I’m talking to a friend instead of writing for an audience.

Rushing to the Bathroom,
The Dieting Ninja


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