Gotta Keep Up The Water!


Dear Internet,

Oh, my arms and sides ache! So out of shape! Egads.

Looks like doing the weightlifting was a good choice. I’ve got a long way to go on those.

Went jogging again this morning. I’m at a point now where I have to wonder if I’m improving very much (now that the obvious “I don’t feel like rubbish the next day” indicator is fading). Of course, I must be improving. I’ve got so little muscle tone and stamina at this point that I really can only improve.

But it’s doing its job in keeping me feeling awake and energized throughout the day, and I very firmly believe it’s a huge boost to the weight loss I’ve had thus far.

Plus, I was skinnyfat once before. I want to be healthy. And I want that dadblasted underarm flab to go away, yes I do.

Also, for dinner last night I ate too much. I didn’t feel full after what I’d planned, so I had a tortilla-less bowl of crab salad. Afterwards I felt stuffed. I really need to learn to wait a half hour before I decide whether or not I need more food. And I need to get more tortillas – it tastes much better in them.

This weekend, my goal is to keep up the water drinking. Wish me luck!

The Dieting Ninja


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