Dear Internet,

I feel pretty gorram good today, to be honest. I kept up with the water (mostly), and kept up with my exercising, and my utter blargh from last Monday is nowhere to be found. Woot me for sticking to the water, I think it made a HUGE difference.

Exercising is somewhat difficult though – I get shooting pains up my shins when I run. I need to do some internet research and see if that’s something I should rest or bull through.

My diet’s doing okay. I did get chinese food this weekend, but I didn’t gorge ( a new experience for chinese food and me ) and instead portioned it out into reheatable lunches.

I managed to avoid getting Starbucks this weekend (a tough one, the hubby was Jonesing, too, and kept asking for them) and mostly stuck to eating well, I think. I was on a SEVERE munchy crazy yesterday though – I have no idea what got into me. Managed to at least avoid really bad foods, but I know I ate too much as a result. Too much of a good thing is still too much.

I find myself saying “when I reach my goal weight” too often. I need to explore that feeling and what it means to me sooner rather than later.

The Dieting Ninja


2 Responses to “Diary”

  1. 1 gemfit

    I have to echo the munchie craze yesterday – I have no idea WHY but I was hungry ALL day. Something in the air perhaps?

    Re: your shin splints – look into getting new shoes or orthotics. That should help immensely.

    Yay to the water!

  2. 2 ninjadiet


    Maybe so! My friend at work who is also dieting/watching what she eats basically gave herself a free day yesterday. Seems like odd timing, but I won’t argue with it.

    On the shin splints (assuming that’s what they are..sounds about right) – I actually have very good shoes (which I spelled “shews” at first, how bizarre). They’ve got great support and are supposed to correct pronating. I forget the brand and “type” Saucony? Hmm. But if this keeps up, I’ll have to ask the doctor for a recommendation. Running is unfun enough as it is, I certainly don’t need pain as an added reason to avoid it! *laughs*

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