Home – My Enabler


I’ve come to the conclusion that being at home makes my body/brain think I should be eating more.

It’s less pronounced in the mornings, especially since I only recently started getting up early enough to HAVE a morning with enough time to eat in.

But weekends and at night, it’s a constant willpower battle to not graze the kitchen every ten minutes, regardless of what I’ve already eaten.

Going for walks helps, but only for about an hour after the walk is over, if that. Then I’m back to grazing.

I see myself doing this, but I have no idea how to fix it.

The only silver lining is that I don’t keep “bad” foods anymore. Well, not as many, anyway. Chips, sodas, cookies – all out of sight or gone.

And yet, I graze.

Does anyone have any suggestions on foods I can keep around specifically to graze on?


2 Responses to “Home – My Enabler”

  1. 1 chubbycourtney

    Carrots, apples, other low energy density foods.

    Nuts if you won’t go overboard.

    I hear ya. I do so well all week at work, but I get home on the weekend and STRUGGLE!

  2. @Courtney
    Great suggestions! I’ll give those a try. Probably the carrots first, since I eat a serving of fruit at lunch and I don’t want to go overboard with the sugars, even if they are natural ones. I already know that melon doesn’t satisfy my needs, maybe I need some CRUNCH.


    And yeah, I’m the same way with my weekly schedule.

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