The Week That Never Happened


So, as far as my weight was concerned, last week didn’t happen.

I lost a pound and gained it back.

I was much more lax on my diet than I should have been (more fruits, a bit of chocolate, snacking more, having more bread – whole wheat, but still). I also didn’t run nearly as much, and the hubby is feeling under the weather, so I didn’t even walk as much.

That’s pretty much not going to lose me any weight. I knew it, but having the scales confirm it is both demoralizing and heartening. Demoralizing because I know it was my fault, but heartening because I knew it was going to happen, and being right about something like that is always a good thing. It means you know what you’re doing.

This week I’m going to step up the exercise. Shin splints or no, I can run through the pain. The fruit, I’m afraid, is a foregone conclusion – it’s chin drippin peach season, and I can think of nothing more wonderful than juicy, perfectly-ripe peaches or nectarines gently cradling a handful of sweet raspberries.

But I’m going to stop with the snacking, and stop with the bread. And next week, I’m going to stop with the fruit. I’m in weight-loss mode, not weight-maintenance mode. Having a small bowl of fruit with every lunch is awesome, delicious, and healthy, but it’s making it harder for me to drop pounds. I can (and will) add them back when I get closer to my goal. And I’ll dot them in between now and then, I just won’t make them an every day thing.

The really nice thing is that I don’t have a time goal. I can have weeks that never happened and not feel bad about it – it’s not like I’m in a race, and it’s not like hitting the snooze button and being late for work.

I’m not late for anything. Sure, I pushed back my progress by a week. Sure, that’s a week I could have lost weight on. But it feels good to know I can wake up this morning and start again, keep at it. I didn’t lose my chance.

I pay for my transgressions, but I can choose to make them, knowing that I’m the one I have to answer to. And I’m not quite mean enough to badger myself for a week of 0 weight loss, not when I learned so much from it.

In other news, I totally kept up my water consumption all week and weekend. *flex*

And I have yoga, pilates, and regular workout videos coming in the mail, possibly today. I am -very- much looking forward to having my ass kicked by all three. Be prepared for a lot of “woe is me” and “where the hell did those muscles come from?” and “I didn’t even know you could ache there!” posts over the next weeks.

The yoga I want to help me relax and become flexible. The pilates I want for the same, but to also make me more graceful. The regular workout I want so that my weight loss doesn’t turn into floppy leftover bits of skin. Also so that my arms and legs look incredible.

I’m shooting for incredible, flexible, and graceful.

Stop laughing. I’ll do it!


2 Responses to “The Week That Never Happened”

  1. oooh.
    I wanna title this post DEMORALIZING AND HEARTENING.

    love your insights (and didnt laugh at the end…only because youre also describing me!) as they apply in fitness and health but also in LIFE (or at least mine)


  2. @MizFit

    *grins* I think being incredible isn’t so unreachable a goal.

    For me, the graceful part is the one that’ll take some extra effort. I make a drunken wildebeest look like a prima ballerina. Heaven forfend someone should ever buy me high heels.

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