Eating out in Style and Safety


Another impending visit from The Mom.

She wants to splurge and eat out. Seeing as how it’s really been well over a year (I think it was two Thanksgivings ago) since we all went out to eat somewhere nice, I suppose she’s got a point.

The question is…where to go?

The Irish restaurant that we normally go to is totally off limits. The meatloaf sandwiches, the stuffed pork chops, drizzled with brown sugar butter sauce…yeah. That’s temptation I do NOT need. (Those pork chops are going to be my birthday meals from now on though. Mother of Pete, they’re sinful)

I also crossed Mexican from the list.  Healthy Mexican is easy to achieve at home, less so at a restaurant. Besides, I can turn an omelet into a Mexican feast, what need have I for a restaurant?

That leaves the Steakhouse option – steak minus rolls and potatoes ain’t bad. A nice, perfectly cooked, very red petit filet and a small side salad? I could do that and feel quite splurgy.

There’s also the Hibachi route. That’s got rice, but it’s also got lots of vegetables and lots of seafood. Plus, there’s the entertainment factor, and the fact that I adore Japanese food. I can taste the Miso soup now. It’s also probably going to be more difficult to take leftovers from than the Steakhouse. And I’m always terrified there will be a language barrier at a place like that. My one trip to a nail salon was enough to drive that particular fear home.

So! What do you guys think? What’s a good place to eat out in Style and Safety? I’m looking for somewhere that I’ll enjoy the food (if I have to order a salad in order to even remotely stick to a healthy diet, then it ain’t splurging and I won’t enjoy it as much. Salads I can make at home. This is An Occassion).

What do you guys do when you need to eat out somewhere nice? I don’t want to completely tip over the wagon, but I don’t mind leaning it slightly.


6 Responses to “Eating out in Style and Safety”

  1. 1 chubbycourtney

    I’d go with the steakhouse. If you are trying avoid the bread, just tell them not to bring it at all! No reason to torture yourself! :)

  2. @Courtney
    1 vote for Steakhouse! I think it’ll probably be easier to stick to the portion control and food requirements there, so I can definitely see the wisdom in it.

    Far in the back of my brain is a tiny person, jumping up and down “But…but…miso!”

    However, I’m the one driving this bus! It’ll be my decision. *grins*

    Also, do you have a blog? Your name isn’t a link (If you have one, I can tell you how to make it a link). I like to watch the people watching me. *grins*

  3. Completely off YOUR topic and onto your question on my blog (will post coherent comment on topic soon)

    I use Quackers Quick oats and I got some protein powder from the local pharmacy but you can get some from any health food place or GNC etc. I got a small container because I wasn’t sure if I’d like it.

    1/3 cup oats
    1 scoop protein powder
    2/3 cup water

    I put it in the microwave for about 90 seconds – 45 seconds then stir and then another 45 seconds. Don’t let it get too gluggy or it’s revolting.

    Then drizzle a little honey on top, mix it in and voila, quick and filling.

  4. @Gemfit

    Thanks! I’ll need to check on the protein powder. I’m assuming that the “Carnation breakfast shake” powder packets ain’t the same thing.

  5. I late to the voting but say steakhouse as well.

    easy tippage but you can NOT TOPPLE if you dont wanna.

  6. @MizFit
    No such thing as too late till Saturday. =]

    Another vote for the steakhouse, I see.

    Is there something aside from the portion/leftover/rice about the Japanese place that would be negative? *curious*

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