Google Calendar


So I use the google suite of products for a lot of different things.

Weight-related, I use the Google Calendar.

I have three repeating tasks, every day. “Exercise” “Food” “Mood”. I’ve got some repeating ones for medication and BM as well. Regardless of delicate sensibilities, tracking your movements is always a good idea.

And remember, Google Calendar is private unless you invite someone to see it.

Every day, I go in and log what I’ve eaten, how much exercise I’ve done, and how I’ve felt.

The mood one is especially important. If I’ve been in a grumpy mood lately, I can go back and check the days leading up to it. Did I fall off the diet? Did I stop exercising? Has it been a week since I’ve had a really good BM?

Self-diagnosis at its best.

Plus, looking at that little “Exercise” icon gives me the guilties – just enough that I want to make sure I can put SOMETHING in there, even if it’s just “went for a walk”.

I’ve tried relying on my memory. That gave me twenty-some-odd years of not having a clue what my body was doing or how it affected my mood.

This method won’t count my calories for me, but it’s easy to stick to because it’s so simple.

The Google Calendar Food/Mood diary gets the Ninja Stamp Of Approval.


2 Responses to “Google Calendar”

  1. huh.

    I use nothing google’y.

    though I am a dinosaur.

  2. As long as you’ve got a system that works, I don’t think it matters if it’s a notepad, a good memory (ha! Totally not me), or a super expensive Dr. Flush toil that critically analyzes your..ahem…leftovers…and determines your dietary and activity levels.

    Dang. Now I want a Dr. Flush.

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