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I’m totally amused by this. Just go to and paste in your blog name to get a customized wordle just for you! Advertisements

I need a word. I’m losing weight, and yet every time I try and verbalize myself becoming too small for my pants, I have no word to use. I’m not outgrowing them. Quite the opposite! So what am I doing? Am I undergrowing them? I’m not shrinking them – it’s me that’s shrinking! Outshrinking them? […]

I’m a closet Bento-er. Oh, I’m not a traditionalist. Originally, I sought meals that could be eaten at room temperature, so that the contents didn’t need to be refrigerated or reheated. This led to a somewhat depressingly small array of food choices, so I’ve since given up on the thought. It was a nice thought, […]



Did the abs workout again yesterday, and I’m not in agony today. Time to do it more often. Yoga is still incredible. I love it.  I do, however, have a problem with the DVD that I purchased. The Yoga For Dummies DVD was exactly what I needed to start with. However. Surely the people who […]

Twiddling around in my feed reader, checking out the recommended feeds, I stumbled across LargeMarshmallow’s blog. And I read this article. And I agree with most of her rebuttals and the general feeling of outrage, I but I also feel a surprising rush of anger with regards to something she didn’t mention. There were multiple […]