A Good Week, Filled With Nearly-Perfect Days


So today marks the start of my Good Week.

Well, Better Than Good Week.

I got a lot of really good groceries this weekend, but I don’t plan on using them right away. I froze as much as I could, and am hiding some of the rest.


Because I want to have a Better Than Good Week, With Nearly-Perfect Days.

What does that mean?

Escape From Obesity recently had a post that I keep thinking about – One Perfect Day. I keep thinking about it because she’s totally right. I COULD do that. I could give myself one perfect day. I couldn’t do it always, but I can get pretty gosh-darned close.

I’m expanding that to a week, but allowing wiggle room. In a way, that’s against the point of the post, but I do plan on taking it one day at a time. I will have the best, healthiest day I possibly can today.

And then tomorrow. And then Wednesday. And then Thursday…(you get the picture).

I couldn’t run this morning because it was thunderstorming, so I’m going to run this afternoon, when normally I’d walk. And not only that, but I am going to do three sets with the weights this afternoon, too. That’s my perfect day in exercising – running AND weights. And not just one feeble attempt at the weights, but a serious three-rep go at it.

For food, I’m sticking as healthy as I can. I’m going to avoid high-carb foods for the week. I have a lovely package of whole wheat English Muffins (from England, no less) – but they’re in the freezer, waiting for next week. I have a bucket of steel-cut oats and a whole grain warm cereal – also in the cupboards.

I’m having a Mediterranean Stir Fry for lunch today and tomorrow, and probably pork and cabbage (again, I love it!) for most of the rest of the week. Breakfasts are eggs/veggies with no toast.

I can do one week of this, no problem.

The big question is “why”. Why would I do this?

The answer’s simple. I want to know what happens if I have a Better Than Good Week, Filled With Nearly-Perfect Days.

I know what happens when I have a Pretty Gosh Darned Good Week, With Remarkably-Good Days, and I like it.

But I like to know all my options. With one week of being really good under my belt, I can have something to compare my progress to. Do I really want that donut? Remember how awesome the BTGWFWNPD was? (yes, I got tired of typing it. Sue me. =P)

So that’s my goal.

My ‘week’ will probably only be five days, mind you. I don’t go crazy on the weekends, but neither am I constrained to 10 minute breakfasts, either. I really want to crack open that can of oats. Especially after reading Escape From Obesity’s Breakfast post.


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