I did it! Or rather, I didn’t!


“What’s with the title?” you may be wondering.

Well, wonder no more, my sparkling cupcakes.

I did it! This weekend, I restrained myself despite being tempted on all sides (including the top and bottom).

I didn’t do it! I didn’t gorge, I didn’t splurge more than a few nibbles and bites here and there, and I didn’t say “Ah, well, screw it. If I’m going to be bad, I may as well go whole hog.”

I really think that last one was my savior. I had plenty (PLENTY) of times where I thought it. Where I thought “Screw it, you’re eating fresh poppyseed cupcakes…have more than two of the little ones.” or “Dayum, those pecan/coconut chocolate bonbon things were incredible. Go ahead, have more than that little bite from the one you shared with your husband.”

Many, many times I had the opportunity to be bad, and instead of either extreme (attempting to be angelic, then feeling hemmed in and resentful of it or just throwing caution to the wind and saying I’d restart the diet on Monday), I managed to have a bite here, a nibble there, and in the process thoroughly enjoy myself.

I certainly wasn’t perfect. But I wasn’t as bad as my Negative Self wanted me to be, either.

We went out to eat at the Hibachi place (we were right across the street from it, and I can’t say no to three hungry people, not when I wanted to go, too).

I had two bites of the incredible fried rice, ate my entire plate of zucchini and onion, ate my serving of salmon, and had a few bites of chicken/beef/shrimp. We took home a giant container of leftovers (chicken is currently re-marinating so I can use it in omelets) and I dumped every single bit of the fried rice in my husband’s lunch containers.

After going to see Batman on IMAX (zomg), we were starving, and stopped at Burger King. I had half of a grilled chicken sandwich. HALF. *flex* Gone are the days when I’d hoover that sucker down, regardless of how hungry I was.

We dipped bread in oil – and I only had a few pieces, though the oil was a mixture of raspberry and hazelnut that was to DIE for.

We had cheese/crackers/sausage, and I limited myself to mostly cheese with some sausage (it was buffalo sausage, and it was GOOD).

We made poppyseed cupcakes from my low-carb book. They were VERY merangue-y and sticky, and I only had a few, even though they were light and tasty, and really good with cool whip topping.

We made puffed brown rice crispy treats, with macadamia/cashew butter and crushed cashews and mixed nuts. Again, I only had a few.

We had chocolates, and I had a nibble of each bar, to taste them (foreign dark chocolate is SO good. I can’t remember the brand that I liked the best, but I remember what the wrapper looks like. It was a Swiss chocolate).

In other words – I was bad…a little. At first, it took a lot of self-restraint to keep from just gobbling things down without thinking, the way I used to. But after the first day, it was easier. By Sunday, I was doing very well indeed.

And throughout it all, I kept up the running.

Well, minus this morning, with the giant thunderstorm. I previewed the first half of the Yoga for Dummies dvd instead.

I feel good. I didn’t gain any extra weight (or if I did, it was no more than a pound). My husband commented on how loose my capris and jeans are getting, which made me feel awesome, because he’s totally right.

And I got a new pair of incredibly adorable shoes.

Boo. Ya.

I feel like an episode of the old camp-tastic Batman tv show.

Take that, Flab! Zot! Pow! You want some of this, Cravings? Kazow! What’s that, Lack of Restraint? Kapow!

I am Ninja, hear me roar!

(Okay, real ninjas don’t roar. And you can’t hear them. But inwardly, I’m totally roaring.)


2 Responses to “I did it! Or rather, I didn’t!”

  1. I just found your blog and it’s hilarious. I love the idea of a little ninja running around losing weight.

  2. @Fit

    Is it possible for anyone to look at the name of your blog and not immediately be sucked into a hilariously off-kilter rendition of that song?

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