I Quit!


Not…like…my job or the blog or the getting healthy, mind you.

Just the GWFWNPF.

Why? Because as soon as I told myself “Okay, buckle down, we’re gonna be EXTRA good” my entire being radiated with the desire…no, the intense NEED for a slice of bread.

Which is stupid and irrational, and totally something I should have expected.

I don’t do well with restrictive boundaries, even if they’re self-imposed and I totally agree with the reasons behind them. Go Go Gadget Sagittarius.

The food cravings alone I might have tried to bully through, but this morning I woke up and blearily walked over to the alarm, then crouched down to turn it off (I deliberately have it on the other side of the room, on the floor, so I have to wake up almost completely to turn off the infernal buzzing) and my knee exploded.

Not literally, thankfully, since I’m almost out of paper towels, but the pain was utterly unexpected and quite strong. I don’t normally have knee problems.

I hit snooze, elevated and straightened the offending joint, and dreamed about being a secret agent for another eight minutes or so before the alarm went back off. Walking to the alarm? Fine. Bending at the waist to shut off the alarm? Fine. Maybe I can go running after all. Cautiously lifted the leg, bending at the knee? WHAMMO.

Right. Okay. No running.

No running means I’m going to be having some issues keeping up with the GWFWNPD thing.

And…in the end, I think that’s a good thing. I’ve been doing really well, so long as I never tell myself that I absolutely 100% HAVE to do something, whether it be a restrictive diet or a workout routine. Instead, I argue with myself over whether or not to do certain things, and in the end, I usually win. (ha! that’s humor, folks! Fresh for the picking!)

I could have finished the week, sure, but at what cost? Would I, at the end of it, have rebounded and been bad, intentionally, as reward for finishing the week? That would have undone any good that would have come from it, I think.

No – fences are not my style.

Sun Tzu said that you should always give an enemy an escape route. A cornered enemy has no chance but to fight to the death, but a surrounded enemy with an “out” will take it.

Even ancient Chinese philosophers have a thing or two to say about dieting. (Some people think he was talking about WAR, can you believe that?)

So, being the ninja that I am, I will back off and allow my enemy an escape route. I think that’s only fair, since I am also the enemy.

Also, I had decided this even before I read MizFit’s hilariously well-timed and apropo Tuesday Tip: If At First You Don’t Succeed–QUIT.


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