On The Subject of Pants


I’ve noticed recently that my pants are sitting comfortably slack on my hips these days.

The hem of the leg no longer rests uncomfortably at my ankle, but is now much more gracefully just below the ankle.

I no longer surreptitiously unbutton my work pants when I sit down to keep the waistband from biting into my belly.

I can put my hands in my pockets without worrying about whether or not I can take them back out again.

I wear my corduroys without fear of starting small fires behind me.

In short, now I really AM a size 14, instead of just trying desperately to pretend I’m still a size 14.

By now,  some people would probably have to go out and buy new clothes. Not me, because I had to lose a pants size or two in order to properly fit into the stuff I already owned.

Do yourself a favor, people. Buy clothes that fit.

I know, I know. There’s a stupid shame that comes with buying ‘fat’ clothes. “Oh god, that woman saw me looking at the Curvation bras, now she’s thinking about how fat I am.” “Did that man look while I was going through the granny panties section?” “Oh god, the woman checking me out is going to see I’m buying size 18 pants, and she’s going to judge me.”

It sounds stupid to say it out loud, but seriously. Even if all of those people do mentally say “god, get that woman on a diet” – wearing pants that fit is totally worth it. TOTALLY. I can’t even imagine how often my bad moods and feeling of uncomfortableness and..well..feeling “fat” came from wearing pants that were two sizes too small for me.

If you haven’t already, go out and buy yourself some clothes that fit. Yes, you’re on a diet, and you’ll work your way into the smaller clothes of your dreams. I believe you can. But for now, right now, get something that fits. You’ll look better when you’re not bursting the seams, you’ll be more comfortable, and all of that will translate into you feeling better and more confident.

Happiness is pants that fit.


2 Responses to “On The Subject of Pants”

  1. and a warm puppy.

    how about a warm puppy wearing pants that fit?

  2. @MizFit

    Oh goodness no. Now, wearing pants that fit while holding a warm puppy, that one’s the ticket.

    Unless, of course, the warmth is sudden and moist. Then you’re gonna wish you weren’t holding the puppy or wearing your good pants.

    It’s all about perspective.

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