Yoga For Dummies


So yesterday afternoon, I took my first shot at Yoga For Dummies.

Things I learned :

1) I am far more flexible and have better posture than Mr. Ninja, to his great consternation.

2) You should always watch any workout dvd all the way through before attempting it. Not only can you not see the screen with your forehead pressed to the floor, but what you do not want is to be halfway through the Cobra before you hear the instructor say “If you feel the pressure in your lower back, you’re too deep. You should feel it in your upper back.” Your lower back does not appreciate your enthusiasm.

3) You will need more room than you think you will for yoga. That means you need to move your giant ottoman out of the way, and get rid of that pile of dvd boxes on the floor in front of the entertainment center. When’s the last time you watched “Big Trouble in Little China” anyway? Why is that even in your home video collection?

4) There is far too much talking going on during the Relaxation Pose. Seriously. How can I relax completely if there are twangy tip noises and your voice giving me tips? I can’t relax when I’m paying attention to you! Egads! *flails*

5) Yoga is VERY nice. It really does feel both relaxing and utterly stretchy. I felt very good, very loose, after the program. Sitting or standing correctly between poses and continuing to breathe deeply is highly recommended.

6) Yoga is not a replacement for running or weight lifting. (Sorry, self, your glorious dreams of avoiding the pavement and barbells so that you can become a professional pretzel are shattered)

7) Yoga is an excellent addition to an exercise program that includes running and weight lifting. It will tone, strengthen, and stretch, not to mention being utterly relaxing after a frustrating day at work.

8) Do not let your cat in the room while you yoga. He has the best of intentions, I’m sure, but the last thing you need is to burst out into giggles when tickly whiskers find your feet while doing the Upside Down Dog Pose.

9) I demand more hilarious Pose names.

10) There is no ten. It is only an illusion.


4 Responses to “Yoga For Dummies”

  1. “Do not let your cat in the room while you yoga”

    Also, don’t let your 130 lb Great Dane puppy into the room.

  2. @Total
    Great Dane puppy envy.
    Also, Auron icon love!

  3. My dog loves laying on the mat during yoga. I can’t really blame her though. It’s cushy, and Rodney Yee even instructs her: “down dog.” Sheesh.

  4. I have yet to invest in a yoga mat. I figure the carpet will work till I decide if this is a “phase” I’m going through or if I’ll really stick to it.

    The real question is whether or not she actually obeys Rodney Yee.

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