:08 Minute Abs of DOOM


Okay, much better today already. I missed my walk yesterday while waiting for the doctor’s office to call me back (allergies, nothing serious) and while I was doing that, the apartment complex fixer-upper guy came by and before I knew it, it was time to do my normal end-of-day routine.

But I ran this morning, and I feel incredible. Seriously. That’s definitely what’s been crushing my soul the last few days. I managed to avoid binge eating, but only just. I had too much cheese instead of an ice cream shake.

Anyway, the real point of this entry is to tell you what I DID do yesterday.

While the guy was grunting and doing arcane fixit things to the Portal of Imminent Warmth (my AC is in a room in the living room. it has a door. And it’s just…sort of…out there. Thus it was dubbed by a friend, and thusly shall it be named.) – I popped in the :08 minute workout dvd that came with my yoga/pilates order.

Sweet Paula, Mother of Monkeys.

Firstly, I apparently need to do these exercises naked. The adjust-bump in my bra strap made a very valiant attempt to become a permanent part of my anatomy during one of the exercises, and the cute little white stripes on the side of my workout shorts similarly tried to put cute little flesh divits in my thighs during another.

As a result of my yelping in pain and spending those four (one on each side) exercises making sure I didn’t need medical attention, I’d assumed I hadn’t gotten much out of the workout.

Flash forward to this morning, where my midsection is definitely letting me know I got something out of the workout. Egads, I’m lucky I don’t live in Japan. If I had to do a properly respectful bow, I think I’d collapse on the carpet. Leaning forward to wash my coffee cup involves a great deal of bargaining with myself. “Yes, I know it’s going to hurt, but that’s okay. You want fresh coffee, right? Clean the cup, and you can have coffee.” “We had coffee yesterday. No need to clean the cup. It’s still gonna taste like coffee.” “Well, yes, but today it’s Turtle Sundae flavored coffee, you don’t wanna mix that with yesterday’s Blueberry Muffin coffee, do you?”

I drive a hard bargain, but in the end I got a clean cup of coffee.

This morning I also had a scrambled egg on half a whole wheat english muffin, with a slice of canadian bacon and a slice of Longhorn Cheddar. The egg had a wee bitta sweet ginger powder added for flavor.

Can you say, “NOM”?

The hubby had a bite and requested one of his own. Egads those english muffins are awesome. Such great flavor.

Really nice guest post over at MizFit today, about handling fear of food. MizFit’s comments included one of the best quotes I’ve read in a long time.

IMO if the path to your balanced life is a healthy one then, by the time you’re there, your head will be on its way to matching your body


4 Responses to “:08 Minute Abs of DOOM”

  1. Very good quote.

    Nom. Nom. Amazing how tough/long 8 minutes can be, huh?

  2. Ha! You’re too kind. The workout was broken up into (I think) 50 second exercises.

    It’s amazing how tough/long 50 seconds can be on some of those. *flail*

  3. and YOU are too kind. (and so brightened my struggle of a morning)

    and so funny. the nekid. the MOTHER OF MONKEYS. all of it.


  4. @MizFit

    Sorry to hear you were having a struggle-ful morning though! When in doubt, look at a cute picture of a kitten. If that doesn’t work, you’re in serious hurt. I recommend upping the ante, and looking at a picture of a bunny, or a bunch of piglets, or even (dare I say it?) puppies.

    Also, I don’t know how I will explain the bizarre carpet burns I’m almost certain to get from doing these exercises naked. Maybe I can just wink and waggle an eyebrow, and my husband’s reputation will get a boost.

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