In Which the Ninja Puts On Her Grumpy Pants


Moral of the story? Don’t blow out your gorram knee.

Thankfully, mine’s very obviously nothing serious. It’s much better today, so I gave it another day of rest (no running this morning) but I’m going for a tentative walk to the library this afternoon, to make sure it’s up to pavement for tomorrow morning.

I hate running. I hate being where other people can see me, I hate getting a wedgie from my shorts and plucking it out, only to have a car drive by. I hate having other runners sail past me (or worse, I try and keep up, so as not to be ashamed). I hate waking up early. I hate my allergies acting up because of all the beautiful flowers right now. I hate having to take a shower when I get in.

But I hate feeling like…this…even more than those things.

Yesterday and today, I’ve been so…ugh. Blah. Blarg. However you want to say it. I’ve felt out of sorts, tired, grumpy, moody – right now I feel halfway loopy, like I do when I take sinus medication. Not the good kind of loopy where I’m laughing at everything, but the bad kind of loopy where I feel like I’m constantly being pressed backwards, or like my head is actually about a foot and a half to the left of my shoulders.

So either those mushrooms we got from the grocery store were illegal, or my body does not appreciate me not running, even if it’s for my own good.

I am very much looking forward to not feeling this way again.

Hopefully my walk this afternoon will help, because right now I am like a grumpy-dipped grump, wrapped in grump-paper and tied up with a neat grumptastic bow. I alternately want a nap or a bucket of chocolate frosting.

And sadly, I want the nap even more.



3 Responses to “In Which the Ninja Puts On Her Grumpy Pants”

  1. You know you’re in a funk when you prefer napping to chocolate. I usually eat chocolate than nap. Don’t follow my example.

    Good luck with the walk. :) Tomorrow is another day.

    Oh, and if you EVER find undies that don’t give you a wedgie while running, do let me know!!!

  2. Checking in on you….hoping that you’re feeling less grumpypanys today?


  3. @FitBottom
    *laughs* definitely. Chocolate normally has a much higher intensity for me. And I didn’t get my walk, goshdarnit – I had to wait for a call from the doctor, and then the guy came in to fix the AC filter. Foiled again!

    I am! I got to go running this morning, which was a huuuuge relief. Well. After. The during still sucked swampwater.

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