More On Pants


Dear Pants Manufacturers (and Bra manufacturers too, whilst I have your undivided attention),

Please take some time, sit down, confer with each other, and come up with an industry standard for pants sizes.

Not only will this make gift-giving easier (I can tell someone what size pants I wear without having to specify brand or originating store) but it will also make it easier all around on the bevy of clothes-buying women.

Some of you *glances knowingly at a few manufacturers* seem to think it’s funny when you give sizes a much larger number than other brands do.

For the millions of girls in the world who have body image issues, you are exacerbating the problem more than you realize. True, girls should not measure their self worth inversely from their pants size, but that doesn’t make it okay to toy with their emotions by making a size 7 that a three year old would find constricting.

If you like, please take a hint from men’s pants, which are measured with actual numbers. 36 inches is 36 inches no matter what measuring stick you use.

To bra makers, I applaud you on choosing a measurable number for your width. However, if you could come to a similar consensus with regards to your cup size, that would be wonderful. There are more of us than you realize who tend to have mental breakdowns when we try and find a bra that fits.

And some of you *glances knowingly again* think it’s funny to make both a D that cups emptily around my chest, and a DD that makes me look like I have four breasts because it cuts off the circulation halfway down.

At the very least, be consistent within your own brands.


The Dieting Ninja


6 Responses to “More On Pants”

  1. I’ll sign that!!!

  2. 2 Meg

    here here! Consider this petition signed! I abhor clothes shopping for this very reason.


    and now they start little…like with TODDLER VANITY SIZING!

  4. @FBG
    *grins* If only they’d listen!

    Ugh, you ain’t kidding! And it’s not like the dressing rooms are a bastion of comfort and ease, either! I think I’ve got about a five-bra threshold before I turn into a sweating, ravening beast and have to give up.

    *flails* I know! I remember being a kid – I barely noticed I was wearing clothes! What exactly are we teaching kids – make sure you’re the best dressed little boy in kindergarten, or you’ll be shunned? “What’s wrong with that little boy?” “Oh, can you believe it? He wore green pants with a stained spiderman shirt. His parents don’t even buy him Baby Hilfiger! I’m surprised someone doesn’t call Child Services on them.”

    *flails again, for good measure*

  5. I’m signing this one like 53 times (53 seems to be my go-to large number these days, no idea why!)

    Between my Gap jeans, H&M pants and whatnot, I own so many different sizes that I’m confuzzled.

    And the bra thing is so annoying. Why oh why can’t a D cup be the same everywhere?? I too have the 5 bra threshhold and then I give up and stick with what I have. Screw the double-breast look from La Senza!

  6. @Gemfit
    53 is a perfectly logical number.

    And on the double-breast thing – seriously. The multiple boob look totally works on dogs. Humans? notsomuch. Until I get infected with lycanthropy and abandon my blog to trip gleefully through forest glades and hunt deer, I’d like to stick with just my original pair.

    Just think of the protein diet!

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