When Do You Work Out?


So I was talking to The Coffee Lady today at work, and she mentioned how she’d been at a plateau (could we add another vowel to that word, please? It’s not hard enough to spell yet.) for a few months, and yet she’d really been doing well both with food and with exercise. The woman not only lifts weights, but she walks her dogs and rides an exercise bike, to boot.

A bit of a tangent here (and what would a Ninja post be without at least a tiny smidge of redirection, hmm?) – the first time I ever saw/heard the word “spinning” was in the Physical Education section of my college course book. My friends and I sat for a good half hour trying to figure out what it meant. Because if it was plate spinning, I was going to drop my archery class and learn to be a professional clown.

For the equally ignorant, turns out spinning is doing…things…on exercise bikes. The spinning’s all in the wheels, baby. No plates on sticks in sight.

Right, anyway, so she’s a lot more hardcore than I am on this stuff, and yet she’s been stuck and I passed her.

She managed to break it this morning, and we talked about what she did – she added a longer workout period. I thought about it for a moment, then borrowed a cute light bulb from the cartoon they were filming in the next cubicle over.

I asked WHEN she worked out. “The evening,” she said.

Aha! Oho! And other palindromes as well! (A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!)

I think that if she did her cardio exercise in the mornings instead of at night, she’d get more out of it, in terms of losing weight and metabolism and..thingy.

Dr. McNinja I am not. I’ll leave the technical terminology to the people that know how to spell it.

But I think I’m on to something, I really do. I don’t think when she does the weight lifting will have as much effect, but I think if she can swap the spinning to the mornings, even though she’s groggy and not a morning person, she should feel more energized throughout the day, and she should be kicking her metabolism into high gear and keeping it there for longer.

What do you guys think? Am I on the right track, or am I heading down the Dire Road of Exercise Myths and Misdirections?


2 Responses to “When Do You Work Out?”

  1. 1 kb

    Just found your blog, but you know, I’ve actually heard the opposite-the benefit of working out in the morning is not that you do better(your body does better in the afternoon when your core temp is higher) but that there are less likely to be other things that get in the way. and it’s always better to work out when you actually can than to have to skip a lot. Honestly, when I work out in the morning I just eat more all day. so evening is better for me. but I think it’s a pretty individual thing.

  2. That’s interesting – I hadn’t thought of it from a performance perspective – when you’d be able to accomplish to most, so much as a “when would the effects of the workout have the most effect”.

    I’m not sure if sleeping directly after a workout is as “good” as having a whole day of food afterward.

    That’s assuming I could even sleep after a workout. Probably not. *grins*

    Definitely, if you’re more likely to skip mornings than not, that’s the worst time to workout because it won’t get done.

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