Razzle Frazzlin


So my knee hurts again.


Can’t I trade it in for a new one? This is ridiculous!

Alright, well, I can take a hint. I’m going to baby my knee this week, even past the point where it’s no longer hurting. FINE. *grump*

However, that leaves me in a very delicate position.

I NEED to work out. And not just from a “dear god, I’m eating calories without burning them” standpoint, though that’s part of it. I was doing so well getting down to a healthy weight, and now I’m being stalled. *shakes fist*

But moreso, I need to work out because I have proven in the past that my mood goes south really quickly when I don’t exercise. I turn into the person I was for so many years, before I started this. And let me tell you, she’s a real bear. Always tired, always grumpy…I’d like to not be her again, even if my knee wants me to be.

So! I implore you! What exercise can I do that is cardiovascular in nature (I want to run out of breath, not just feel my muscles burn) that doesn’t involve bending my knee or twisting my leg? Note that I can bend my knee slowly – but rapid, high bends (such as going up stairs) are painful.

The answer may well be “nothing” – I already plan to do muscle stuff this week to try and take advantage of my enforced resting. I can lift weights and do more of those :08 minute exercises that kick my butt. But if I can keep up the cardio, I’d prefer to. I can absolutely see the benefit I get from them.

Also, before anyone gets concerned, I did some research, and I don’t fit any of the signs for “quick, rush to the doctor!” knee pain. No swelling, no persistent pain, no tearing sensations, no redness. It just hurts (sometimes) when I lift my leg/knee too high. Likely cause is probably inflammation. I will very cautiously add asprin or ibuprofin, I’ll try out an ice pack, and I will wrap the knee with an ace bandage when sleeping and after I get done with my “moving around” stage of being home. I can blast bad guys without bending my knees. Or, since I play City of Villains, I can blast good guys without bending my knees, too.


15 Responses to “Razzle Frazzlin”

  1. BUMMER.

    How about swimming? Does it feel ok in the water? The water is always good because there’s no impact.

  2. @FBG

    *hems and haws* See, there’s the thing. The local community pool doesn’t open early enough to accomodate my early morning needs (why not? You can’t tell me there’s not a rush of 5:40 AM swimmers out there! …Anyone? *crickets*).

    And I don’t know of any places that are nearby yet – and whether I’d actually go. My husband and I have talked about possibly getting a gym membership in the future *makes vague hand gestures* but for the moment, we’re saving money up to have a nice down payment on a house – cutting back on normal expenses like Netflix.

    So for the moment, we’re looking for something that doesn’t require a lot of money, travel, or equipment we don’t have.

    I am keeping my eye on the possibility of swimming, though. The hubby loves it, even though I’m always vaguely afraid that monsters will grab me and yank me under.

  3. hello there! thank you for your comment today! i’ve spent about two years in knee-hab so i feel your pain! at my worst the only thing i could tolerate was cycling on a stationery bike – this way no weight was put on the knee. i did intervals to get the intensity up.

    i also tried swimming – freestyle was okay but the breaststroke kick was too painful.

    i also built up to using a rowing machine and elliptical trainer. they can be great cardio workouts. then there’s always good ol fashioned walking :) the key for me was listening to my knee and not pushing too hard too soon.

    hope you’re on the mend soon! :)

  4. @shauna
    <3 My pleasure!

    And ugh for knee-hab, I read about that. Mine really shouldn’t be anything that severe – assuming I stop trying to run on it. =P

    You could cycle and elliptical? I have a much-dusty elliptical I could crank up and see if it hurts. Since it was so much like climbing stairs before, I’m not sure it’d work for me, but it wouldn’t hurt to try. Okay. It wouldn’t hurt MUCH to try. *grins*

    I’ll bet that rowing machine gave you Terminator arms. I am very jealous. *grins* I miss having strong arms. Mine came from currying a horse though – never did make it to where I could curry an entire side without having to stop in the middle and rest.

  5. you poor thing!!!

    I hear you on the wanting the heartpumpingoutofbreath that swimming (FOR ME) doesnt give.

    Im thinking….

  6. @MizFit
    Actually, I get heart pumping and out of breath, but it seems like when I’m in the water, I never actually manage to catch my breath again, is the bit I dislike. I mean, I realize I have all the stamina of a rutabega, but still. I shouldn’t have to leave the water in order to feel like I can get a lungful of air.

    My biggest problem with swimming (because hey, it’s not like I enjoy the act of running, either, right?) is honestly that they still haven’t invented apartment swimming pools. Push a button and WOOSH my living room slides aside to reveal the olympic sized swimming pool cleverly hidden beneath the floor.

    Curse you, James Bond, for filling my head with unreasonable dreams!

  7. 7 Meg

    Hey, fellow fitness blogger in a similar bind. I seem to have caused some sort of mutant shinsplints to occur in my ankles, and can barely WALK, let alone run on a treadmill. If you get any stellar advice beyond swimming ( I will do much to avoid wearing a swimsuit in public ) lemmie know!


  8. linking you.
    hope you dont care.

  9. @Meg
    Mutant ankle shinsplints, eh? Sounds like it’s time to break out the xenobiology books! *winks* I kid, I kid. Sounds like serious pain, to be honest. So far I got nuthin, except taking the opportunity to swap from cardio to weight lifting. I’m contemplating doing my lifting from a chair, with my knee wrapped and propped up. How’s that for stylish exercise?

    *gasp* But it’s been weeks since I’ve vacuumed the place! And don’t even get me started on dusting. Oh, dear, someone’s going to comment on that wine stain in the corner, I just know it…

  10. Hope it feels better soon! Mine it’s the right calve but i’m going to get it checked out today ;)

  11. Sorry forgot to say i love your blog ;)

  12. @Suzanne
    Hopefully the doc gives you a good prognosis! I’m feeling something that BETTER NOT be swelling – if it actually turns into (BUT IT BETTER NOT) swelling, I’ll have to go in, too.

    Bah. Double bah!

    And thank you! <3

  13. Boo to a sore knee. Boo Boo Boo.

    Try the elliptical – it’s lower impact than running or a treadmill so it might be okay. I used the elliptical when I strained my thigh a while back and couldn’t run or walk without wincing. If you’ve already got one, it might be an option.

    Otherwise I’ll keep thinking … although my brain hurts from being back at the office after my vacation, so thinking is a challenge!

  14. @gemfit
    As of this morning, even walking twinged it. A couple Ibuprofin and the (if I may say so) expert application of a bag of frozen corn really helped out, though.

    Ick for ending vacations! *blows a raspberry*

  15. you make me laugh…and I ADORE YOUR RANDOM ACT IDEA!!

    (dont bother vacuuming. I already linked you. just put out some snacks)

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