Small Update


Okay, so the knee still hurts just as bad if not moreso than it did when it first started. Getting better, it is not.

So, despite the fact that I’m afraid they’re just gonna say “be gentle, give it a rest” I made a doctor’s appointment.

My regular doctor is booked up through mid-September. Would I like to schedule an appointment then?

Lady, if my knee still hurts by mid-September, it’s a bigger problem than I think.

So I got an appointment for this afternoon with one of the other doctors at the same facility.

I wore a skirt to work today so I could keep my knee securely wrapped. It hurts that bad, even sitting at my desk and tweaking code.

My biggest question is whether or not taking a day off of work (which I hate to do when I’m actually sick. Seriously. Sick days should just be called Mental Health days) will HELP the knee, or have zero effect. I’ll only do it if it’s likely to help. And the only reason I think it’s likely to help is the fact that I have to go up and down a flight of stairs several times every day, and stairs = pain.

Still no swelling and reddening though, so whatever this is, I doubt it’s something bad.

But hey, I did weights yesterday, and again this morning (no muscle soreness! booya! That’s my first sign that I can kick it higher), so my arms are going to be awesome.

And I’m looking into local swimming pools. If running is what’s doing this, I need to replace it with something low-impact.

And you know what that means…

…that means you’ll be getting a truly horrified post from me on the evils of swimsuit shopping.

Prepare yourselves.


9 Responses to “Small Update”

  1. Hi! Saw your blogged linked on MizFit. I’ve had some knee issues in the past. Check out my blog for full details.

    In a nutshell, Active Release Technique, home exercises, and TriggerPoint Therapy are what worked for me.

  2. @runjess
    Thanks! And thank you also for having an “injury” section so I could find the right posts right away!

    I’ll see what the doctor says, but I may have to try some of that. I know the first one, with the tubing and the “marching” would twinge like hell right now.

    I need to remember to ask if pain means “stop doing that” or “bully through”. I CAN bully through, I’m just afraid that’ll make it worse.

  3. Good luck at the dr’s. Knee pain is nasty, hopefully it will heal quickly. Kudos on still exercising with weights!!

  4. @suzanne
    Thanks! Hopefully it’s just a “give it rest” thing and that’ll work, but since this is the second time (though the first only lasted two days) I’m really wondering whether it’s the impact from the running. If so, I need a new cardio workout.

  5. Acccck, swimsuit shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. @Crabby
    I know! I’m already having Vietnam-esque flashbacks of the LAST time I went swimsuit shopping. I think, after a half an hour of frustrating limbolympics in the dressing room, I threw everything up in the air and just said “If I need to swim, I’ll wear shorts and a t-shirt!”.

    (I picked the swimsuits up after. I’m a conscientious shopper. It was fun though.)

  7. 7 Meg

    I’m with you on the horrors of swimsuit shopping. I’m facing a public pool for the first time in a long time tomorow.

    Good luck with the doc! keep us posted!

  8. checking in on you and wanted to say THANKS for your detailed comment yesterday.


  9. @Meg
    Good luck! And remember, you’re not there for a fashion show. If they don’t like it, they should build their own private pool and put a sign outside saying “No Gurlz Aloud!”

    <3<3 You know you can always count on me when you want a soul-crushing wall of text!

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