Motivation Forever


I have made half of a decision.

Bear with me here, there’s a reason it’s only half.

My husband came up with a great idea while watching me lift weights yesterday. We were talking about how once upon a time, I could do so much more than what I was doing, and how I couldn’t wait till I could get past that point again. I was doing some…lifting…thingies…with weights on a bar, and he had an epiphany.

See, I have a rather large pair of tribal-esque owl wings tatooed across my back.

And his thought was that if I needed some motivation, I could always get another tattoo.


So I could start the tattoo now. And every time I hit a goal, some measurable thing that I can do better than I once could, I can add to it.

Since tattoos are worse than potato chips when it comes to my personal lack of self-control, this would be a huuuuge motivator for me. I adore mine, and I want more.

Plus…who wants 1/4 of a tattoo? Any time I felt like giving up, I could look at that unfinished tattoo and get a renewed rush of determination to finish.

Obviously, this wouldn’t work for someone who didn’t already WANT a tattoo.

But for me, someone who has spent the last six years thinking about what tattooes I want to add to my “collection” – this is a hugely wonderful idea.

I am going to do this. Possibly with multiple tattoos, for multiple goals.

That’s the half of the decision I’ve made.

The second half of the decision has two parts – where to get it done (I am EXCEPTIONALLY picky about my tattoo artist, and with good reason), and then, most importantly of all, what to get.

I am super-excited.

SUPER excited.

(To reiterate : I’ve been planning getting more for six years. SIX YEARS, folks. The wings took me over a year to decide on. I don’t dive haphazardly into things that will be permanently and intentionally scarred into my skin. This isn’t a whim, I’m not going to go to any joint that isn’t clean, and the only reason I hadn’t done it yet is, quite honestly, cost. This is something I can reward myself with that will last a lifetime. If you don’t approve of tattoos, that’s perfectly fine. I’m not picking one for you.)


7 Responses to “Motivation Forever”

  1. I love it. I’m too weenie to pick out a tattoo (plus my other blogging half has one that I absolutely adore, but there’s no way I’d steal her tattoo thunder), but girl, do it! Can’t wait to hear on what you decide…

  2. Good for you! Let us know what you decide on.

    Me, I’m too chicken to go the permanent ink thing – I have ears pierced and belly button pierced but no ink. Partly the pain and partly the lack of decisiveness – I’m too scared I’d regret my choice in ink.

    But I’m a HUGE fan of finding something that motivates you and using whatever you can. So WOO HOO!

  3. @FBG
    I’ll let you guys know once I finally pick something! <3

    I got my first one because I am terrified of needles, and I was tired of letting my fear rule me. (Or rather, that’s one reason. I rarely do something for just one reason). It felt like I was being scratched by a cat for…oh…2 hours.

    But I’m totally with you on the lack of decisiveness. I’m very very much an indecisive person. So my current tattoo has a ton of meaning for me, and the other tattoos I’ve been thinking about also have a great deal of meaning. I figure if it’s going to be on me forever, I’d better be proud to have it when I’m a little old 80 year old lady.


  4. I love it (shocking I know.) and long for it.

    yes a new tat for me (have it all planned out as well) but more to SEE YOUR WINGS!!!!

  5. It’s getting a little faded now, but I’ll see if my hubby can get a good photo of it to post. =]

    I commissioned an artist friend of mine for the design, and the tattoo artist fell in love with it, too. I’m a huge fan of commissioning an artist for something that truly hits the spot and speaks to you personally.

  6. I love it, i was hesitant with my first one but i’ve been planning on a second one for ages ;)

  7. @Suzanne
    OoOoOoOh, what do you have?

    (Yes, I love tatchat)

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