Podcasts for the win!


Thanks for the awesome suggestion!

I spent part of yesterday collecting podcasts that I need to listen to, then loading them on to my husband’s unloved iPod Shuffle.

I did the elliptical for nearly fifteen minutes this morning before I realized I was running late, so I had to stop.

I did NOT spend the entire time wondering when I could pleeeeease stop.

So I set the alarm back twenty minutes, which should allow me to get in a longer session. And the podcast should keep my brain entertained while I do it.

Thank you guys SO much.


11 Responses to “Podcasts for the win!”

  1. Yep i can totally relate, i’m out the door in a minute and i have my mp3 all ready to go! Mmmm… maybe an ipod in my future??

  2. Good! Which ones did you try?

  3. @suzanne
    I love mine, but I don’t recommend it unless you already use iTunes. =]

    Here’s where I out myself as a gamer geek – this morning I listened to the most recent Twisted Nether blogcast. World of Warcraft-related, for bloggers and by bloggers.

    No, I won’t tell you the name of my Warcraft blog. =P

  4. !! you have a warcraftblog?!

  5. @Miz
    *stealthily emails you*
    *only it’s not really stealthy, because I’m commenting here that I’m emailing you*
    *but the contents are totally stealthy. Yup.*

  6. I gotta have tunes, myself, but I could totally see that podcasts would work too. Hooray for mp3s!

  7. @Crabby
    I’m trying to find out what works for me. It seems that the podcasts only work if I’m really interested in what they’re saying, but that seems to work better than music for me, since music doesn’t usually involve my brain.

    Stupid brain.

    I need an on/off switch on a timer.

  8. Yay for podcasts!

    Personally, I need music simply because I need my brain to sleep while exercising. As soon as my brain is functioning, I’m all “I’ve only been doing this for HOW long??”.

    But yay for podcasts and mp3 players!

  9. @gemfit
    Man, i wish I could turn my brain off. I’m with you, if it’d stay asleep, I’d be better off.

    I definitely think “I’ve only been doing this for HOW long??” FAR too often. *laughs*

  10. lazy, thy name is ninja


  11. @MizFit
    How sad is it that my first reaction was “Hey, that line is totally awesome. I should steal it!”?

    Answer – hilariously sad. Like watching a little kid trying to pick up ice cubes, and every time they lean down to snag one, three more fall out of the bucket they’re putting them in.

    That kind of sad. The kind of sad where you can’t help but laugh.

    (Yes, I’m a natural blonde, why do you ask?)

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