Oiselle Sports Bra


Okay, so I got the free Oiselle Sports Bra (Iris Sport Top) from MizFit’s contest.

And I was expecting something nice, but to be honest, I was also kind of expecting something that was maybe a little stiff, and something that I’d have to pretzyl into, or maybe shock my shoulders out of joint to get on.

I have met those sports bras.


However, I tried it on and HOLY COW, it’s awesome. Seriously.

The material is stretchy and it was super easy to slip on. It feels like it has pretty good support, and my husband gives it the wolf whistle of approval.

There’s a damn good chance that when I go down another bra size or two, I’ll be buying one of these.


2 Responses to “Oiselle Sports Bra”

  1. 1 debroby

    I hear that Oiselle is coming out with a newly designed Sports Bra that will available for those of us who are a bit more than a A/B cup athlete. (I’m not saying much now, but hopefully sometime next week, I’ll be explain).

  2. Yep deb….you’re right.

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