Did the abs workout again yesterday, and I’m not in agony today. Time to do it more often.

Yoga is still incredible. I love it.  I do, however, have a problem with the DVD that I purchased. The Yoga For Dummies DVD was exactly what I needed to start with.


Surely the people who made the DVD would think that I was going to watch it more than once? Why was there not a “Slim” version? The chapters on the dvd were set to each of the poses, rather than allowing me to skip past her explanation and go directly into the pose. Also, there’s no way for me to say “don’t do the tips and advice in the middle of the pose”, which is exceptionally distracting, especially during the Relaxation Pose.

I feel that the instructor had the perfect amount of humor and gentle instruction for the newbie Yoga-ist. Yogaer. Yogamanaic. Thingy.

There were two poses where she walks you through getting into the pose (The Downward Facing Dog Pose comes to mind) and then TALKS TO YOU while you’re in the pose, before you can get started.

Umm…no. Don’t get me in the pose and then expect me to chillax while my back begins to ache. Get me into the pose, explain the difference between breathing out and in, and then BEGIN.

I like having her voice gently remind me to keep the correct posture. I like the soothing background music.

I do not like the sproi-oi-oi-ng of the “Tip!” and the voice of the other announcer debunking some myth about yoga while I’m concentrating on my Seated Spinal Twist. It was semi-cute the first time, and set-your-brain-on-fire irritating the tenth time.

So I need a good yoga dvd that allows me to learn, and then skip the random crap and still get what I need out of the poses.

I’m still not quite ready for the intermediate – the sun salute series. Last time I tried it, I petered out on the fourth iteration.

Also, I never thought anyone would catch me saying this and meaning it – Mushrooms and steak are SO GOOD, and so easy to make! Egads, why do people buy frozen dinners again?


2 Responses to “Update”

  1. “Egads, why do people buy frozen dinners again?”

    My thoughts EXACTLY when I started cooking healthy. And the BEST thing? You can actually make your OWN “frozen dinners” if you want – just cook something mega healthy, let it cool, portion it out and cover tightly with plastic wrap to keep the air out and freeze. Voila! Perfect for those nights/days/weeks when you really don’t feel like cooking but you need something good.

    Some things obviously don’t freeze well and others are just quicker to make fresh, but it’s a nice option.

    Oh, I got nothing on the yoga. I tried it, loved it, fell outside and hurt my wrist last winter and stopped while my wrist healed. Apparently, it’s still healing cos I never made it back!

  2. @Gemfit
    I should do a post on the miracles of leftovers.

    Ow on the wrist! I make my money typing and spend most of my free time drawing or (unsurprisingly) typing. A wrist or finger injury would drive me batty!

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