Vocabularians Needed!


I need a word.

I’m losing weight, and yet every time I try and verbalize myself becoming too small for my pants, I have no word to use.

I’m not outgrowing them.

Quite the opposite!

So what am I doing?

Am I undergrowing them? I’m not shrinking them – it’s me that’s shrinking! Outshrinking them?

I am at a loss, and so I beg of you, o readers mine, what word should be used in this situation?


11 Responses to “Vocabularians Needed!”

  1. You’re downsizing…Or is that too reminiscient of a bad day in the cube farm?

  2. “I’m sorry fatpants, it’s not you, it’s me. You were great, really you were, but we need to trim the fat (oh, sorry, I didn’t mean that to be insuling) and unfortunately, your position is no longer necessary. We’re downsizing.”

  3. hmmmm. I loved your utilization of the word crotchety in your comment to me—but it hath made me stuck on the word crotch.

    Ill be back.

    (please to read like AHHHNOLD)

  4. @Miz
    I…do not think I have “crotched” my old pants.

    Although…no. No. I refuse to use it. *laughs* You’ll have to come up with a better one!

    *wanders off, murmuring to herself* uncrotched, decrotched, undercrotched, outcrotched…egads.

  5. 5 runjess

    You have CONQUERED them!

  6. @Runjess
    oooOoOooOh, I like that one. Take THAT, fatpants! And THAT! And this! Zot! Pow!

  7. I’m with Miz – you’re conquering your pants, one belt loop at a time.

    re: the comics … gem as a fat-fighting kitten could work … I’ve always said I’m deceptively hiding a vicious tiger inside (or that could be my stomach protesting at the burger and fries I had for lunch *burp*)

  8. vanquishing?



    ( I think therein lies the answer. lets create a word! Farsnickling?)

  9. @MizFit
    Hmm, perhaps you’re right.

    Blurping sounds like the opposite. I like the snickling part of the other word.

    I’ve outsnickled these pants!

    Hmm, it’s time to call in the latin. Let’s see….

    conligo (1) -ligere -legi -lectum [to gather or bring together , collect]; poet., [to gather into a smaller space, contract]; ‘conligere se’ or ‘animum’ or ‘mentem’, [to compose oneself, gain courage]; in the mind, [to put together], hence [to infer, conclude].

    decresco -crescere -crevi -cretum [to grow down , become smaller, decrease].

    extenuo -are [to make thin or small , to reduce, diminish]; milit., [to extend]; in gen., [to lessen, weaken, diminish]; in speech, [to disparage, depreciate]. Hence partic. extenuatus -a -um, [weak, poor, slight].

    Nope, that doesn’t help. Drat.

  10. 11 debroby

    Yeah, I had that problem for a year. I outshrunk my clothes regularly and never found a great word to use. And it’s got to be a word that anyone would understand when they heard.

    Sorry, no help.

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