Update, and Pilates


Hello! I hope y’all had a super fantastic fabulous weekend!

Mine was more than adequate, thanks for asking.

However, I do have some news.

My husband asked me to take a week off of my knee – no cardio workouts, nothing that might hurt it. Result? My knee hurts more today than it has since I went to the doctor. I do distinctly remember it twinging badly when I used my leg to shut the car door, though, so I at least have a cause.

I am, however, exceptionally peeved at losing my cardio.

I’m getting a REAL knee brace today after work. Our old ACE bandage helped, but it was missing one of those little butterfly clampy things, and the one butterfly clampy thing we DID have had buttery teeth, so it would randomly PING! and go sailing across the room, unravelling my knee.

The new wrap we bought was MAGIC! and clings to itself. Reusable! Well, maybe three or four times. After that, it appears to develop an aversion to itself, and never ever clings, leaving me with something slightly less useful than a ripped-up sheet would be.

I’m tired of it, Internet, and I ain’t gonna take it no more! *fistshake* I’m getting a real knee brace – something that won’t unravel, and that I can wear while I’m at work.

Also, I tried pilates this weekend.

I have to admit, after reading the wikipedia entries on them, I’d somewhat assumed that pilates was just “yoga for your tummy”. Yoga’s all stretchy and relaxing and awesome (I love yoga. Lovelove. I can think of no better way to simultaneously relax and energize after work and before a long gaming session. I feel calm and focused afterwards.) and I’d just assumed pilates would be that, only maybe a little tougher.

Boy was I wrong.

Holy ab excercises, batman!

I haven’t even made it through the entire workout yet. The leg circles set the fronts of my thighs on FIRE. I’m gratified that the third time I did them, the fire felt like a good burn instead of a bad one, but egads.

Pilates makes me feel GOOD afterwards though. Cardio makes me feel exhausted and shot, the :08 minute exercises make me feel like someone cheerfully took me outside and beat me with sticks. Pilates makes me feel good.

I think that’s why they’re so popular. I do feel that Pilates is a better “workout” than yoga. I don’t think I’d lose weight just doing yoga (though weight loss isn’t my only fitness goal), but I might actually get more of an actual workout with the pilates. But both of them make you feel good about yourself when you’re done, instead of feeling bad or worse than when you started.

I know, I know, runner’s high, endorphins, second wind…I’ve never experienced any of those, so I can’t say that I consider running to be an uplifting experience as so many people do.

But I do feel that way about both yoga and pilates. And I think that’s the secret. Making people feel good about having done something healthy. And also being able to see the results so quickly. Even people who are bad at yoga can see changes in their posture and how easy the exercises are to do within a week.

No, they’re not the “best” exercises for you. But they’re the “best” exercises to do when you don’t like exercising. When you know you should do something, anything! but you also know how miserable you feel when you do the normal stuff.

Yoga and Pilates are exercise’s gateway drugs.


4 Responses to “Update, and Pilates”

  1. They’re totally a gateway drug. lol. Nicely said. I’m totally an addict, too. Although, I’ve done yoga for a number of years and have a really hard time doing Pilates because the breathing is the EXACT opposite of yoga. Probably as long as I’m breathing it’s fine, but I’m an over achiever, I guess.

  2. @FBG
    *grins* Love them both.

    I haven’t really had any problems with the breathing between them, though. I’ll admit, the only negative I’ve read about the dvd I’m using for pilates is that it doesn’t harp on the breathing, but from what I can tell, the exercises aren’t meant to be done on a “breathe as deeply as you can, in and out” basis. There’s no way, unless my lungs are magically twice as big as the instructor’s.

    The yoga breathing, however, I do fully, especially since I stop the dvd and do them on my own because I hate the “for Dummies” interruptions when I’m trying to be all zen.

    And irritation isn’t part of zen, in anyone’s definition. I think.

  3. I did a lot of Pilates when I had a knee injury.

  4. I never caught the “Yoga bug” but I love, love, LOVE pilates. You described it as I see it — a great workout where you feel good afterward. I really do feel taller afterward, even though I absolutely know I didn’t grow…

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