Break Glass


I know, I know, the posts have been slowing down a lot. Same ol, same ol, and I avoid contact with humanity as much as possible, so I don’t have any new intriguing episodes of bizarre human behavior to share with you today.

What I do have is a Break Glass In Case of Fatness box.

That’s right, I outgrew some of my clothes!

*does the happy dance*

Two skirts and a pair of pants, with a few more shirts ready to join them that I’m barely skating by on. In addition, two of the other shirts that were baaarely fitting are now looking really nice on me (in particular, my red and white stripey pirate shirt. YAR! Now it can be halloween every week!).  Also, my “Fresh MELONS and strawberries” shirt (feel free to supply positioning for the text) still looks melon-tastic, but it no longer clings to my upper arms like a drowning man to a life raft.

I’m shrinking, folks! I’m fitting into pants I’d previously shunned to the back of the closet. The brand new jeans I’d bought are starting to look suspiciously baggy (which is somewhat a shame. They made my butt look totally hot).

This was one of those moments when all the work pays off. I can SEE the results. I have a memory comparison of how it used to be and how it is. It’s not just my ancient and somewhat arbitrary scale. It’s not just me FEELING smaller, or peering into the mirror and smooshing my chipmunk cheeks in to see if they’ve gotten any less chipmunky.

This is proof.

I feel REALLY good. I bought a new shirt, a size smaller than I previously would have, and I look AWESOME in it, daring neckline and all.

I’m reveling in the experience. There are so many moments of disappointment and downage when dieting. So many weeks where the needle on the scale doesn’t seem to move at all, or even in the wrong direction.

I’m going to take my accomplishments and celebrate them, and I will have this blog entry to remind myself :

SELF, it’s working! You feel great today, you look great today, and the whole world knows it.

REMEMBER this day, when it gets hard later on, when you want to just give up. You can do this. I can do this.


9 Responses to “Break Glass”

  1. um

    this? That’s right, I outgrew some of my clothes!

    didnt we (as in YOU as in I CAN NOT RECALL WHAT THE DECISION WAS :)) pick a different word a while back?

    what was that….

    *off to peruse archives*

  2. NO WORD WAS CHOSEN. I checked. *flails*

  3. Virtual high-five! You rock.

    [I’m doing a happy dance in your honor.]

  4. I love it!! Your shrinking ;) Fading away! Downsizing!

  5. No Ninja. You did not outgrow. You conquered.

    “Ahoy maties. I have CONQUERED you and can now wear the appropriate pirate shirt everyday of the week! Take that!”

    *doing the happy dance for you*

    Make this a sticky post so you never forget this feeling.

  6. Wonderful!
    And some tips to share:


  7. you ARE doing it! Congrats – I’m glad you went out and bought yourself some new stuff. You deserve it!

  8. I want to shower you with compliments but am sitting here slackjawed with envy over the fact that you have a tee shirt that says “Fresh MELONS and strawberries.” I WANT!

  9. @WeightingGame
    *laughs* It’s such an awesome shirt. Got it from Old Navy, for $9.

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