A non-update


Again, silence because things are going reasonably well, not because I’ve given up and my cookie-crumb spattered corpse has been found face-first in a giant chocolate cake.

Busy as can be – I’m one of those people who always seems to pile her plate too high with things to do, maybe I should try and apply some of these sensible weight-management techniques to my free time!

…naaa, that’d never work.

So yeah, I’m still here, still fighting the good fight and all that.

The biggest development in this area is me learning the joys of fresh green pepper on my sandwiches. Hooo-boy, that’s some good flavor!


11 Responses to “A non-update”

  1. :) I’ve been planning hubs meals this week and one of the things i do when i go to work is leave a nice plate of fresh veggies with a low fat ranch dip. Anyway i came home last night and hubs says you know i’m beginning to love those crunchy green peppers ;) Just made me chuckle when i read your post today!!

  2. @suzanne
    Woo, he and I can be on the green pepper cheering squad. He can borrow my pompoms.

  3. Glad to hear things are going well. I was missing ya. ;)

    I’m a huge fan of sprouts and cucumbers on sandwiches, too. Really add any veggie and I’m happy!

  4. @FBG


    Cucumbers and me, we’re at a stalemate. Our intense war has ended, and we’re currently in negotiations for a peace treaty. They have emphasized that they’re not so bad when dipped in ranch dressing, while I am tentatively willing to allow them to send delegates as long as they stay away from certain well-marked areas, where I feel their influence and strong flavor overwhelms the native elements.

    It’s an ongoing battle, really.

  5. Have you ever tried cooked green beans in your sandwich? One of my favorite sandwich places is a Chilean place where it’s chicken, cheese, tomato, green beans, avocado spread, spicy spread, great great bread, and salt and pepper. Mmmmmmmm. I haven’t tried green pepper, that sounds intriguing…

  6. @Lethological
    You know, every time someone says “cooked greens” to me, I get this horrible mental image.

    “It doesn’t even have a name? Do you even know what’s IN it? Or is it just anything, so long as it’s green and floppy? UGH.”

    Intellectually, I know that it can’t possibly be that slapdash, but my emotional side keeps picturing swamps.

  7. Lmao…well, I’m a fan of cooked greens, whether it’s spinach, kale, beans, etc. Haven’t tried collard greens, but I didn’t grow up in the south. But this sandwich has cooked green beans, which is a little less amorphous and not quite as floppy :)

  8. @Lethological
    *whispers* Oh no, you said the bad word.

    GREEN BEANS? UGH. *shudder* *flail*

    *laughs* In a slightly more serious vein, I will admit that Green Beans and I have been foes for a very very long time. The very scent of them cooking has been known to reverse my appetite from “add more” to “how about we get rid of some of this extra stomach acid you’ve got just lying around”.

    I had a babysitter once plop down a serving of green beans and refried beans (I hate both) and after I picked at the meat part of the meal and declared myself done, she was furious that I was rejecting her meal. Said I’d stay at that table till I ate them.

    Next morning, she found me still sleeping at the table.

    I can be…ah…a wee tiny bit on the stubborn side from time to time.

  9. i’m like you…the busier, the happier (even tho I get stressed)

  10. and?

    still joyfully greenpeppering?


    can I joyfully (listen to the red hot) chili pepper(s)?

  11. @Miz
    Definite green pepper joy going on here. It’s like a party, and my sandwich is invited.

    If you DANCE to the red hot chili peppers, I believe they are part of a nutritionally balanced health food regimen.

    Also, Be Cool was the first time I’d ever heard the band, how bizarre is that? Be Cool is officially one of my top ten movies of all time. *sage nod*

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