Nutritional Sudden Death Cage Matches


Right. Silence again. Seriously though, it’s because nothing fitness related is happening in my life right now, aside from LIFE.

The podcasts I was listening to while doing the elliptical were awesome…until they stopped. Most of them haven’t done a new podcast in over a year, which is tragic (and not just because I’m out of exercise material, they were very good podcasts).

So I started trying to rent TV shows and watch those. Turns out I don’t like most popular TV. Bear in mind, I haven’t had “television” for almost a decade now. All the shows I watch are on DVD. I love House. Loved Scrubs. Loved some of the “specialty channel” shows, like Firefly and Carnivale.

But apparently mainstream TV and I don’t click most of the time. Sex and the City was a HUGE bust for me, and it turns out Bones is as well. I dropped my Netflix subscription, so I don’t have as many choices available to me (I began to feel pressured to watch as much as I could as quickly as I could, to offset the cost, and that wasn’t my original intention when I got the service).

Lucky for me, my husband got the entire box set of M*A*S*H for Christmas last year (a gift from his loving wife. That’s me, in case you’re not keeping score) and was flabbergasted* to learn that I have never even seen one entire episode of it.

Thus far, it seems to be fitting the bill, keeping me entertained on the elliptical. I’m actually thinking I can do an entire episode, instead of cutting it off at 20 minutes. Hoo boy!

Also, we finally got some little 5lb weights (dumbbells?) and I can do the arms workout from the :08 minute DVD. I used to have incredible arms, back when I had a horse. I’m gonna get them again. You know, as soon as I am no longer capable of pinpointing every muscle group in my arm based on pain.

On the food front, Green Peppers would totally take Yellow Peppers in a cage match. No contest. Even if Yellow Peppers had a handicap bonus, and could tag in Yellow Onions when things got dicey.

Also, turns out I like broccoli. Who knew? Certainly not me.

But that rounds out a new “fallback meal” for the household. Steak and mushrooms and broccoli. Holy mother of monkeys, that is a meal worth eating. Mm! Just the steak and mushrooms was good, but something was missing. With the broccoli, it’s fanTABulous.

We’re still trying to find the missing ingredient in our green pepper/onion/chicken/lemon juice/wine/oregano concoction. Right now it’s just…not…quite…right. We’re going to try adding pepperoni, and maybe some tomato and basil. *taps finger against lips pensively* I don’t know. It’s soooo close to being awesome. It can see awesome from where it’s sitting.

Also, turns out I can give in to my chinese food cravings without guilt. I can make a single two-person order last for three meals (for two people, of course). Small pork lo mein, small beef and broccoli, small fried rice (for the hubby, I use the lo mein as a bed), and a fried dumpling appetizer. Living above a chinese food restaurant like I do, the smells are often OVERWHELMINGLY delicious, and I’ve proven over the last three weeks that I can do the order once a week, be sensible with my portions, and still lose weight. Which is exactly what I like to hear, because a life without fried dumplings is a life I do not wish to partake of, my friends.  Beautiful.

The trick is the portion control. Chinese buffets are right off the okay list for me, I always feel like I need to make up for all the money I spent, since I can’t take leftovers. No dice. Plus, I avoid the really heavy sauces, like General’s and Sesame Chicken.

Also, my lunch could totally kick your lunch’s patooty. I have the aforementioned steak and mushrooms and broccoli AND a ripe peach with fresh raspberries.

The fruit may actually turn into a snack before I head for home, depending on whether the other fills me up, but it totally counts. And I can TASTE the chin-drippin peach now. MmmmMmMmMmMmm.

* Flabbergasted is now the word of the week.


12 Responses to “Nutritional Sudden Death Cage Matches”

  1. Ditto on the portion control. I couldn’t agree more!

    What about red bell pepper versus yellow bell pepper in a food fight??? I might give red the edge, but I have red hair and tend to identify with everything red, so I can’t be trusted.

  2. @FBG
    Red wins, hands down. No contest, yellow peppers aren’t even fit to lick red pepper’s boots.

  3. Red peppers beat out any of the other kind, and I’d put green below yellow. In fact, I think I’d put them in rainbow order, from red being the best to purple being the worst.

    Have you tried garlic in your chicken pepper dish? How about red pepper flakes? Or capers? I’ve made a chicken dish in white wine, capers, garlic, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper that’s quite good and I think it would be good with onions and peppers too.

  4. 4 Meg

    I agree with you, Chinese takeout is an essential indulgence from time to time. It makes life happier. I am a pork fried rice and steamed dumplings addict myself.

    When you complete said dish of tastiness, please share! I’d love to try the recipe!


  5. @Lethological
    The fight between red and green peppers would be a dire one indeed, but I’m afraid you sorely underestimate the true power of the green pepper. He is weakened by cooking. Add him fresh to any sandwich or salad already containing fresh red onion as well, and he is capable of mind-boggling feats of succulence!

    What’s a caper?

    They make PURPLE peppers? It’s impossible to postulate the proper platform to ponder a purple pepper upon.

    MMm, yes, definitely! And if you think of anything to try in it, let me know!

  6. A caper is the pickled bud of the caper shrub. It looks kind of like a little wrinkled pea. I used to hate them, but now I’m won over. They’re especially good with tomatoes, oil, red pepper flakes, and oregano over ziti.

    They make purple peppers, and white peppers even! I saw them at the farmer’s market this summer and had to buy some to try just because they were so strange looking, and different! And you know what? They tasted like pepper textured water. No flavor whatsoever. Maybe I got a bad batch, who knows. But I think I’ll stick with the top of the rainbow for now. I had a red pepper from the same stand this weekend and it blew my mind, it was so good! :)

    Ah, see, I don’t like raw onion. So putting the green pepper with the raw onion is just a recipe for disaster for me. I should try some kind of raw pepper on a sandwich though, that sounds intriguing…

  7. @Lethological
    Aaaaah, your logic becomes clear.

    Cooked green peppers…are…not as good. They absolutely fail to red peppers in this regard, as red peppers when cooked retain a pizazz that green peppers lose.

    Raw, however, no one can defeat the green pepper.

    Also, raw onion is the reining champ of the vegetable world. Red onion, to be specific, but even his cronies yellow and white put up a pretty good fight.

  8. 8 debroby

    Don’t know if this will help you as I don’t think you can download the shows.. but you can some interesting TV shows and movies to watch online at

  9. good GOD Ive missed your humor.


    Miz who eats nary a pepper—red green or purple—unless coerced.

  10. @debroby
    Hmmm, I don’t think my tiny laptop has enough screen real estate to show them properly. Poo.

    *gasp* Don’t be a Pepperist. (That was intended to be a combination of ‘racist’ and ‘peppers’ but unfortunately didn’t work out as well as I’d intended. Pretend it works, for me. *sparkles*)

  11. I have a secret: I totally stole/borrowed a pair of rubber-coated five pound weights from my gym to use while recovering from a neck injury. They’ll go back, I promise! I feel so bad actually seeing this written down now :-(

  12. @WeightingGame

    Just how bad you should feel depends on how often your gym needs extra sets of those weights. If there are constantly three extra sets that nobody is using, then you shouldn’t feel quite as bad.

    However, if your doctor told you to behave yourself and not overextend so that your neck heals, you’re naughty for taking them because it’s like stealing cookies when you’ve been sent to bed with no supper.

    What penance will you do for your crime? Voluntarily cleaning the cardio equipment when someone leaves without doing so themselves? Leave a few pairs of cheap flip flops in the shower with a “Forgot yours? Take one!” note?

    I’m not a gym-goer myself, so I don’t know. On a Days of Our Lives scale, is this like kissing your married boss that you’ve secretly had a crush on for years, or is it more like giving birth to a baby and not having any clue who the father is? Or maybe it’s like thinking your rich uncle really died and squandering away your inheritance on a sports car, then crashing it into a tree before finding out he’s still alive, but with amnesia on a tropical island?

    THESE are the gyms of our lives.

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