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Unexpected benefit to doing yoga discovered today while washing away the hard-earned sweat of an elliptical run. I can now lift and hold my leg at an impossible angle against the back wall of the shower with ease. It’s nice and stretchy and bouncy, and I can totally get that really awkward area under the […]

All Growed Up


*sniff* My blog is all growed up. How do I know this? Is it pageviews? Commenters? Incoming links? No, no, and no. It’s spam. My darling baby blog has spam. I’m big enough to have totally inappropriate links added in comments by robots. *sniffs, dabs at eyes* They grow so fast. In other news…there…is no […]



National Novel Writing Month. Ever said to yourself “Some day I’m going to write a novel!” ? Well, this is YOUR event! National Novel Writing Month is when people all around the world hunker down and spend the month of November cranking out a 50,000 word novel. You cannot start before November first, and you […]