All Growed Up


*sniff* My blog is all growed up.

How do I know this?

Is it pageviews? Commenters? Incoming links?

No, no, and no.

It’s spam. My darling baby blog has spam. I’m big enough to have totally inappropriate links added in comments by robots. *sniffs, dabs at eyes*

They grow so fast.

In other news…there…is no other news. Did I post my recipe for enchilada stir fry? I can’t remember and am too lazy to look. First person to comment asking for it wins…um…twenty seconds of me sending mental happy thoughts in their direction. I am not liable for the happy thoughts after they leave me – if they get lost or take a wrong turn and end up in your ficus instead, that’s not my problem. Though I’ll totally take credit for your ficus doing well over the next few days.

Went for a walk yesterday. My knee aches a bit today but that’s not new. It didn’t ache during or after the walk yesterday, which is fabulous. I MISS walks. They’re the best time to just…think. Excellent for planning, oh, say, a novel to be written in November, for example.

(This entire time, my brain has been demanding that I type out “If this were a movie-” “-which it is.” “-we’d think of a clever plot device!” Even though I have assured it that nobody is going to get the movie reference without the crazy accents to go along with it, sometimes you just have to appease your inner child. Bonus points to whoever guesses the movie!)

Also, I noticed that my mood while at work is HUGELY impacted by the music I put on my iPod (and by whether or not I remember my iPod). I can be incredibly angry and frustrated, and yet…still bouncy and cheerful, given the right soundtrack.


One Response to “All Growed Up”

  1. I love my spam and have (NO JOKE) started using it as launching pads for writing exercises!

    my fave so far:

    her face resembled a wedding cake left out in the rain.

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