Zen and The Art of Leg Shaving


Unexpected benefit to doing yoga discovered today while washing away the hard-earned sweat of an elliptical run.

I can now lift and hold my leg at an impossible angle against the back wall of the shower with ease. It’s nice and stretchy and bouncy, and I can totally get that really awkward area under the back of the knee.

That’s right. I am now a proud member of the No-Hair-In-The-Back-Of-My-Knee Club. Fo sho.

And it’s all thanks to yoga.  *throw’s a thumbs-up, coupled with a smile and a toothpaste-commercial tooth-sparkle*


7 Responses to “Zen and The Art of Leg Shaving”

  1. So that’s why i’m doing yoga this week ;)

  2. They should really advertise that benefit more.

  3. That’s totally awesome…I always have trouble with that spot! Now if I could just motivate myself to shave more often… (but given I’m blond, and it’s now pants season? Why bother…)

  4. that made me laugh and sad that I onehundredpercent GOT IT.

    when I was a trainer.

    when I was young and more clueless (read 23) I DIDNT GET WHY SO MANY CLIENT DIDNT SHAVE THERE (we did assisted stretching so Ive seen.it.all.)

    and then I did.

  5. @Suzanne
    So many benefits. I feel sad when my friends say they feel like they don’t get anything out of yoga. It’s all about individual goals, but holy cow, I love being limber.

    Agreed. I see commercials, billboards, heck, even shaving cream!

    True on the blonde and pants season, but mattress dancing is a pantsless activity. =P

    Yeah. I remember when I was young and limber. Only right now, I look back on my High School time and cringe at my blind wasting of old limberness. “Enjoy it while you can!” I cry out, but the younger me cannot hear.

    Wow, I went all Faulkner there. Maybe I should add a line about how my mother is a fish and then stop.

    Naaaa. But seriously, I look at kids nowadays and I just feel TIRED. I remember when I used to have that energy, and now I just want to harness it to stop global warming. Some sort of giant bouncy castle thing that would capture their released energy and run the entire world.

  6. LMAO! I haven’t done nearly enough mattress dancing lately, which is another reason why I rarely shave :)

  7. what a funny image. congrats on your new talent!

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