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I think this is goodbye. I hate it when blogs don’t have a farewell post, and I’ve been putting it off because I didn’t want to admit that it was over. But it is. And, I’m happy to report, it’s not over because I gave up. It’s over because it served its purpose. I got […]

All Growed Up


*sniff* My blog is all growed up. How do I know this? Is it pageviews? Commenters? Incoming links? No, no, and no. It’s spam. My darling baby blog has spam. I’m big enough to have totally inappropriate links added in comments by robots. *sniffs, dabs at eyes* They grow so fast. In other news…there…is no […]

The Idea So MizFit had a post recently about creating a Mission Statement for your fitness goals. …what’s that, you say? That post wasn’t exactly “recent”? Hun, if I remember it, it was recent. That’s the rule. My memory’s bad enough that it’s mostly accurate, with the marked exception of being able to tell what […]

So I got a knee brace. To be more precise, I got two knee braces. Hmm, maybe I should back up a bit. I went to Walgreens, gimondo super-corporation of a drugstore that it is, because I had a prescription to pick up and they carry foreign chocolate. What? Girl’s gotta have standards. If I’m […]

Dear Internet, Lately, I keep denying myself sugary treats and saying “Well, when I reach my goal weight.” I need to think about that. First off, what’s my goal weight? I have two goals. My first goal is 140. That’s my “reasonable” goal – the one that should be very reachable, is healthy for my […]