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National Novel Writing Month. Ever said to yourself “Some day I’m going to write a novel!” ? Well, this is YOUR event! National Novel Writing Month is when people all around the world hunker down and spend the month of November cranking out a 50,000 word novel. You cannot start before November first, and you […]

Right. Silence again. Seriously though, it’s because nothing fitness related is happening in my life right now, aside from LIFE. The podcasts I was listening to while doing the elliptical were awesome…until they stopped. Most of them haven’t done a new podcast in over a year, which is tragic (and not just because I’m out […]

Break Glass


I know, I know, the posts have been slowing down a lot. Same ol, same ol, and I avoid contact with humanity as much as possible, so I don’t have any new intriguing episodes of bizarre human behavior to share with you today. What I do have is a Break Glass In Case of Fatness […]



I’ve been quiet, but it’s not because I’ve been secretly hiding in den formed from dislodged couch cushions and a My Little Pony blanket, eating donuts and shamefully avoiding the computer screen. I don’t even HAVE a My Little Pony blanket. No, I’ve been quiet because not much has been going on. I’ve been slowly […]

On the title – that lemur king is the only reason to watch Madagascar. Anyway, quick update on the knee. I went for a walk yesterday afternoon. Just a walk, I swear, and I avoided steep stairs or hills. Despite being as gentle as I could with it, halfway through the walk (halfway because when […]