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Right. Silence again. Seriously though, it’s because nothing fitness related is happening in my life right now, aside from LIFE. The podcasts I was listening to while doing the elliptical were awesome…until they stopped. Most of them haven’t done a new podcast in over a year, which is tragic (and not just because I’m out […]



I’ve been quiet, but it’s not because I’ve been secretly hiding in den formed from dislodged couch cushions and a My Little Pony blanket, eating donuts and shamefully avoiding the computer screen. I don’t even HAVE a My Little Pony blanket. No, I’ve been quiet because not much has been going on. I’ve been slowly […]

Hello! I hope y’all had a super fantastic fabulous weekend! Mine was more than adequate, thanks for asking. However, I do have some news. My husband asked me to take a week off of my knee – no cardio workouts, nothing that might hurt it. Result? My knee hurts more today than it has since […]



Did the abs workout again yesterday, and I’m not in agony today. Time to do it more often. Yoga is still incredible. I love it.  I do, however, have a problem with the DVD that I purchased. The Yoga For Dummies DVD was exactly what I needed to start with. However. Surely the people who […]

Update first. It’s a bait and switch technique, I draw you in with my clever titles and then make you wait before you get the payoff. Oh yes, I am that evil. Right, so update. I keep randomly thinking “Oh! I should add that to my ninja blog!” throughout the day and then forgetting. I […]