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Right. Silence again. Seriously though, it’s because nothing fitness related is happening in my life right now, aside from LIFE. The podcasts I was listening to while doing the elliptical were awesome…until they stopped. Most of them haven’t done a new podcast in over a year, which is tragic (and not just because I’m out […]

I’m a closet Bento-er. Oh, I’m not a traditionalist. Originally, I sought meals that could be eaten at room temperature, so that the contents didn’t need to be refrigerated or reheated. This led to a somewhat depressingly small array of food choices, so I’ve since given up on the thought. It was a nice thought, […]

Seeing as how eggs are a pretty good part of my new way of eating, omelets are about 75% of my breakfasts (with scrambled eggs making up most of the other 25%). That being said, there’s a trick to omelets. I have no idea if this is the “real” or “best” way to make an […]

Dear Internet, Holy cow, why didn’t anyone tell me cabbage was so yummy? Modified from the one in the 15-Minute cookbook – the Asian Pork and Cabbage recipe. I couldn’t find Black Bean sauce anywhere, or chili garlic paste. So I substituted chili powder, garlic salt, and a mixed seasoning called “Singapore” that I picked […]

Dear Internet, I went jogging this morning again. The hubby didn’t want to wake up, so I went solo. If he decides the whole exercise thing was a fad, I hope I have enough gumption to get up and keep on it by myself. Given how out of sorts and grumpy I’ve been when I […]